Friday, 13 July 2018

Friday Frolics

I was forced out of my bed early today as I was off to see one of my babies.  This wee sweetie came to the museum with her mum, a one time exhibition putteroner.  Now as a full time mum she is happy and this wee thing has her dad hanging on the end of a string.
This meant getting up before nine this morning, even though I was tired, and being ready to meet them around noon, or near enough.  This is a strain on my painful knees and my urgent requirement for beauty sleep.  It was worth it as I am now in love!

The mouth has done it again.  It no longer surprises us to hear this clown spouting ignorantly about this country.  To criticise the policy of the home PM, offer support to a failed ex-cabinet member who wishes to take her place and claim the nation is in a mess reveals a man with no tact, little intellect and something to hide.
What he hides is in fact open to all, his working with Boris Johnston, the owner of Amazon, Cambridge Analytica and his friend President Putin to separate the UK fro the EU to satisfy their greed.  The fact that so many have allowed this to happen reveals the real state of things in this country and the west at large.
The lies told by Trump to get elected, encouraging racism against Obama, lies re Hilary and Mexicans let alone his bombastic talk about making an already great country great again ( a line stolen from Regan and many other liars before him) reveals something of the stupidity and lack of biblical knowledge amongst the white middle class in the USA.  A man who abused women, has been married four times (the fifth is on the way), who lies and cheats gets elected only by people with no morals.  It is easy to see why he likes Boris Johnston.
Now he is welcomed by a failing PM who understands that leaving the EU is a disaster but will push it through merely to keep her job!  The nation will be bankrupt for generations after this yet these people, all millionaires with vast resources in foreign tax dodging off-shore accounts, care nothing.  They will sell out the nation for the sake of themselves.  This is a Conservative Party policy and has been the policy since Disraeli!
What will the UK get from this?  Nothing!  Trump gives an interview in the 'Sun' yet today calls this 'Fake news.'  How can you trust such a man?  Theresa May, the worst PM since David Cameron, refers to a special relationship with the US knowing that this is a fallacy and has always been such.  Of course we work together on many things, we share many policies yet always the US uses this for themselves.  Until now this was a subtle truth now it is out in the open under Trump.  Whatever comes out of this unwanted visit Trump will claim a victory and the UK will lose out.  Even worse is he encouragement this visit will give Boris in his desire to play at PM, and that will be the end for us all.

The kids exhibition takes shape.  Clearly 'Alice' is involved in some manner, on the opening day I might go dressed as he Mad Hatter or possibly a white rabbit.  I will have to do something on the opening day.  


the fly in the web said...

Well worth getting up for! What a sweetie she is!

Adullamite said...

Fly, She is indeed!