Monday, 16 April 2018


So much for getting out and about!
I got as far as the gardens!
Having forgotten to eat last night, I ate but not properly, I found I had no energy this morning for some reason.  Listlessly staring at the laptop did not improve things and only after a light lunch did I twig what was wrong.  Stupidity runs in my family but appears to stop at me.
The gardens were bereft of flying creatures, small kids were found aplenty spoiling the view, mums who need to diet strolled around with mobile clamped to their ears while little ones wondered whether to throw themselves into the pond.  I moved away at this point...

This boy posed for me however.
No idea what it is, don't say 'Butterfly' I know that but I know not what kind.  One or two other flying beasties were around as the chill in the air did not deter the Spring like weather.  In the next day or two it may get hot, probably because I am inside the museum tomorrow!

Daffodils.  Why more daffodils you ask?  Because there are myriads of the things blooming all over the place.  Most other flowers are as yet to small to make a real splash but they will soon enough.
There was little else to see as I passed by.  Too many kids to wander about with a camera these days. No activities of any sort to be worth taking pictures, nothing new in this small town today.
Of course most sweet little ones have gone back to school, the rest go back tomorrow.  This means the museum will be quiet and we have just finished one exhibition so there will be a mere half museum to see tomorrow.  It will take two weeks to set up the next one. 
I will sit and watch...


Dave said...

My wife when she's on her own sometimes forgets to eat, which always baffles me. If you use a car you wouldn't think of going on a journey and not putting fuel in it. Humans need fuel too.

the fly in the web said...

As the one who cooks three meals a day, I would be delighted should Leo forget to eat for at least one of them...

Adullamite said...

Dave, It baffles me too but I still do it.

Fly, Leo needs his sustenance!