Monday, 23 April 2018


For some time now the Arsenal fans encouraged by the media have been determined to remove Arsene Wenger from the club.  Fans unhappy that trophies, bar a cup or two, have been lacking have decried this man loudly and now the fans are drifting away from a club standing in sixth place and ready for a try in next years UEFA cup.  
Arsenal fans make me sick!
Here is a man who changed football for the better.
He changed the way players look after themselves by bringing the drinking culture to an end, forcing players to concentrate on what they eat, introduced sport scientists and other ideas to improve the player and the game in general.  Football in the whole of the UK took advice and followed his ideas as much as they could.  He won the league, he won cups, he gave Arsenal fans over twenty years of Champions League football and all they do is moan and now they have got their way.
I suspect that many who loudly grumble were not born when Wenger arrived, to them much of his time is history.  I suspect also many of those who did not appear at recent games are mere 'glory hunters' who wear red this year and blue next year, such 'fans' are not lost to Arsenal.
It is true that success has slipped, that the side is failing to succeed at the top level but the attitude of fans and indeed the board who are concerned only about the shareholders (themselves) is vile.  Now a man who ought to be feted has been forced out and who knows who will replace him?  I wish that man luck.
It is true Wengers time has gone but the hypocrisy now seen among the media and others gathering to tell us what a great man Wenger is while pushing him out the door is sickening.  It may well be time to go but it ought to be with head held high not a knife in the back.
I say this and I don't even like Arsenal that much.

More hypocrites are found in Carnoustie!  
A school there has received a complaint demanding the removal of the Church of Scotland minister who is the pastor.  The petition comes from the gay lobby at the school and they demand the man's removal because he is not 'inclusive.'  In short he holds to the biblical beliefs on marriage and once again the gay lobby attack the truth, and the biblical view is true, demanding those who disagree with the 'tolerant' gay lobby be removed.  Not since the Nazis have we seen truth opposed so well in Europe as by this lot.
A ' petition featured 56 names from the school, a large secondary school, a number which rose to over 300 once it went public, how many outside the 56 attend school there?  Now a local councillor has jumped into the fray telling lies about the minister and also demanding his removal.  I wonder what will happen now in this 'free society' in which we live?
This situation is repeated all over the nation, shops refusing to sell gay items are attacked by a loud minority, hospital staff who refuse to kill children are drummed out, anyone who does not bow before the gay/transgender lobby is seen as a criminal for standing up to what is right.
I have mentioned this before, I will mention this again as it will continue to grow and soon Christians will be outlawed.  I am up for that as Jesus Christ is alive and he will stand by his people even if the rest of the nation runs away under the guise of 'love.'  If you 'love' you speak the truth, you do not lie to those who require help and acceptance you tell them the truth.  Too many today refuse to face the truth, too many allow the nation, and indeed the west, to be run by liars who often do not understand what they do.  The spiritual war is very real and nothing good will come from this.

I once again purchased stuff form the local shops and fund that goods made in Bangladesh lie when they say size 'XL.'  What they mean is 'L' or more likely 'M.'  In future I will have to spend more money or buy larger sizes 'XXl' to ensure I get something that fits.  The old pair fit well and they are 'XL' and made in China, I suspect Bangladesh is cheaper and use less cloth to save cash. I will be careful when buying next time. Grrrrr!


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