Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Worker

Yesterday I left about 9:30 and noticed this van parked here.  I returned around two in the afternoon and the driver was still sitting here dozing in the cab.  Nothing had changed, no amendments to the road, no other vehicles, nothing.
Then just as the 'rush hour' was ending, the word 'rush' is not be taking literally here, the man got out of the cab and started laying out the temporary lights as seen.  Had he been there all day waiting until six thirty you ask?  It appears so I answer.  
Today I noticed he was still parked there and appeared to have been there all night.  About ten thirty, just after I photographed him he left, scared of MI5 I suspect but he returned later and now sits there bored as can be waiting and waiting while the lights control the traffic.
I wonder why?
Only one part of the road that I can see has been tarmacked over and that is about ten feet by four.  Has he been there all this time for this?  Say nay!  Interestingly I have heard no noise of machinery replacing bad bits of road.  No noise as potholes are filled, no noise whatever.  
I am left wondering who pays for this?  The County Council that's who, and I suspect they know this is going on.  Is this operator a private functionary?  I suspect so, this explains his willingness to sit here for hours doing nothing and not even make use of a mobile phone.  
Maybe I have missed something here, maybe this is a police operation spying on some bad bloke or other.  Wait a minute, who is that looking through my window....? 


carol said...

You have a choice to be suspicious or outraged. I would go fir suspicious too ~ it is far more comical. Alternatively, make the bloke a cuppa and go and ask him.

carol said...

For not fir

Dave said...

Carols advice is a good one as not many will refuse a free cuppa. If he accepts you'll probably get your answers. Personally I think its a stakeout.!!

the fly in the web said...

He is in training for becoming a member of nothing and be well paid for it.

Adullamite said...

Carol, It appears 'they' have being working on the gas mains next door, the building about to be demolished.
So he sits there happily all day making money.
It was his MI5 badge that lay on the unread three day old 'Sun' newspaper on the seat next to him that worries me.

Dave, I reckon the woman in No. 3 has been feeding him. He will get all the info on me (and the world around) from her!

Lee said...

MI-6 has you under surveillance!!!

Adullamite said...

Fly, I considered that one, he is too working class!

Lee, You are right! Hold on he has gone off for the weekend taking his lights with him!