Monday, 22 February 2016

Doing My Head in.....

Well here we go! As if it was not enough to fill the media with tales of the US election we now have to face months of lies, half truths and more lies as the UK decides whether to stay in the EU or not.  Usually in elections I am aware that few actually understand the situation, most voting for 'their party' rather than thinking about the candidate or the policies, if indeed any exist.  This time however it will be harder as I have never come across anyone explaining to me (in simple terms) what we get from being in the EU and what it costs us to be there or truthfully to tell us what will happen if we leave.  In short the majority of voters like me are to some extent voting in the dark.  The right wing press have told their readers what the readers wish to hear, now they have to get them to vote the way their owners wish them to vote.
The Daily Mail, who's Billionaire owner lives in France to avoid paying taxes both here and there doesn't really wish to leave the EU, his readers however have been told told how badly the EU treats 'us' because that is what they wished to hear for so many years now it will be impossible to get the 'little englanders' to change their tune.  Murdoch has his media running around milking it for all it's worth and I suspect daily their stories will change to suit his mood, the 'Daily Telegraph' support 'little england' and these readers (ones who consider themselves above the others have also followed the party line) wish to leave the EU but the owners don't and trouble will follow. The majority of voters are like me struggling to work out what really is the truth of the situation and not finding that via the media.
All Brits wish to be part of Europe but not part of a federal state.  The English in particular wish to see the continent as 'different' as their imperialist natures just want to find an enemy (however those in the north may think differently) and maybe that is just an attitude of the south east.  The Scots have happily worked with Europe for centuries and will continue to do so, if however the 'little englanders' win and the UK leaves the EU then a proper Scots independence referendum will occur and Scotland will at last be free.
Boris Johnson has risen from the back room where David Cameron our idiot Prime Minister had placed him, ignored the offer of a job as Home secretary or Foreign Minister (although the present incumbents of these jobs may be speaking to Dave about this soon) and placed himself at the head of the 'Get out of the EU' campaign.  He joins a long time friend of Cameron's and a senior cabinet member Michael Gove who has long wished to leave the EU.  Two big names who will either succeed or finish their careers with this referendum.  I am tempted to wish several others will fall along with them.
Boris of course is a well known lover of History and was offered today a few heckles from those observing his press meetings.  One cry was "You are more Alcibiades than Pericles!" Which I thought clever as well as correct.

Meanwhile the USA struggles slowly through the never ending Presidential election.  The Republican charade continues with the media's favourite bampot Donald Trump still leading the way in spite of telling a story about an American General shooting Muslims with pigs blood tipped bullets which turned out to be a hoax.  All this man says is a hoax in the eyes of the world outside of the US it must be said.  The US has a terrible habit of electing people who would never win in proper democratic elections.  Cretinous, small minded, false types who are all image and shallow as a puddle who would never become British Prim...hold on, forget that, I see a fault in my logic there.
Mrs Clinton continues also to head for the White house.  At least the world would see her as capable if not trustworthy, but with such a choice who would you choose?

Sensibly I took the advice of those who have already endured 'Man Flu' and made considerable use of 'Hot Toddy' as a cure and relief from a variety of monstrous symptoms, and monstrous they were this time I must say.  The 'Toddy' line was worth undertaking and the bottle has some reserve for the next time, I assure you the bottle was open a wee bit before I began this.
My headache however appears to be still with me, I know not why.
The inability to sleep kept me up during the night and this along with the inability to concentrate led to turning on the TV at 2:30 in the morning.  All those channels offering unmitigated pap interspersed with channels offering 'Teleshopping.'  These showed many people with American voices selling new style vacuums and rowing machines, kitchen equipment and perfume and I kept asking myself who buys rowing machines at 2:30 in the morning and from a TV advert at that?  Interestingly those channels that spend the entire day selling stuff had closed down for the night!
I'm so glad that medical emergency is over it helps me to comprehend how those suffering proper illness must endure.  My thoughts are with them.  This bug has hit everyone here and thanks to the international jet set it will be with you by now I suspect, good luck with that. 


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

From what I understand, the United Kingdom is a member of the EU in name only. For you-all generally do not participate in the economic and social issues being addressed. So, if the EU is content to let you-all keep doing your own thing for the most part--why vote to leave? Oh, and I am glad you survived another bout with the sniffles. I am sure your upper lip quivering uncontrollably was quite disconcerting.

Lady Di Tn said...

Unfortunately the stuff lingers and I am now a spoke person in silence for Kleenex tissue. My husband has a lingering cough and my MIL still has head congestion. Looking forward to Spring. My view is to push all the people who are now running for President off a cliff and start over. Truly I do not thing it could be even worse unless you send ole DC here. Hope you feel better soon. Peace

the fly in the web said...

Illness is no joke,is it! Thank goodness for toddy!

So we have four months of lies and half truths....untrustworthy politicians baying about 'security', businessmen who use their companies as cash cows rather than producing anything useful will warn of the 'economic dangers'...enough to make you pull the blankets over your head.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, The UK is fully part of the EU but we 'opted out' of some things. Europe has to work together however the UK developed differently with much of Europe, the Channel saw to that. Also the 'Law of England & Wales, and 'Scots Law' are based on Reformation principles and work differently from the majority of law in European nations. There judges investigate rather than sit back and judge. Many other outlooks are based on differing principles and most of Europe does not do things our way.
The lies and appearing moment by moment now, even Trump has been pushed aside.

Lady, I am with you in sickness!

Fly, Toddy tonight. Already I am sick of the 'experts' views, all of which are over my head. Our lack of knowledge will not produce sensible voting.

Lee said...

I hope at the time of my writing, Mr. Ad-Man, that you are once again 100% fighting fit. Take care.

Gunn said...

I don`t know that much about politics to have a strong meaning about what is good or not good for England to be in or out of EU .
I am Norwegian, and there are not many people who would say that we should vote again, and perhaps get a membership.

I like this "BORIS in LONDON" chap. He is not so formal, seems to have a good attitude to most things and a bit like "FABIAN in OSLO" who did a great job too.

Hope you are feeling better after your strong cold!