Monday, 15 February 2016

Another Debate

A good insight into the UK today is seen in the outrage caused by Dan Walker.  This man has the temerity to believe in God and work for the BBC!  Not only but also he has got a plum job with the 'BBC Breakfast' show!  How dare he after all this man is something horrible, he is a Christian!  The 'Daily Mail,' 'Independent' and 'Daily Telegraph' all ran articles from those questioning his right to the work.  Rupert Myers in the 'Telegraph' wrote 'The BBC has done nothing to explain how someone who believes that God literally created the Earth in seven days can present the news accurately.'  He could have asked how many atheists, liars and perverts already read the news on the BBC slanting the stories to follow the establishments will but he failed to ask this.  Reading a prompt with a prepared story must be harder than I thought.  The 'Telegraph' failed to allow anyone to comment on his piece as I suspect they would have opposed his approach strongly.  Why should such a question be asked?  Why should his faith cause such outrage?  Thirty years ago no-one would notice so why shout out now?

Another of this ilk is found with Richard Dawkins the anti God botherer.  He had a stroke poor man and the Church of England Twitter account tweeted 'Prayers for Prof Dawkins and Family.'  This of course caused outrage!  The militant atheists and the rest of the usual suspects jumped at the chance to take offence and claimed the church had 'trolled' the poor man.  Quite why an official Tweet should do this I know not but loudly they proclaimed their empty beliefs  (which few can put into words) and criticised the church for doing the decent thing.  Asking folks to pray for another is now wrong it would seem?  Where is the 'tolerance' these folks desire for their opinions, where is the respect for others opinions in this 'democratic' age?
(Interestingly the Daily mail put up a picture of Richard Hawking first! Journalism at its best in the DM!)

What we have is nothing other than an attack on Christianity from those in the media, the gay lobby and the militant atheist, all the usual suspects.  Why so?  They of course have no idea why they hate so much.  For some Christianity is bad because it tells them where they are wrong and as we all know right from wrong their conscience is tickled and therefore they reject it and hate so easily. Others have their own many and varied reasons but none understand how the spirit of the air is using them to break up this society.  The feminist lie destroyed many woman by separating them from men and encouraging them to stand alone, it hurt many confused young men also.  Easy divorce and free sex left many single mums struggling for a man to join them, a long time partner.  Liberal philosophy was supposed to free the individual and instead encouraged selfishness and greed, something Thatcher also encouraged rather notably.  Lack of discipline in schools and lack of a 'norm' among teachers led to indiscipline among the young with the fad of the 'celeb' and dumbed down TV offering bread and circuses for the people to keep them from thinking people lost their way.  Today gay marriage and the cult of the 'transgender' shows how society had lost all sense of right and wrong.  People come in many shapes and sizes, life offers many difficulties and we ought to be helping one another through these with no condemnation and lots of acceptance.  What a shame it is not returned as the CoE Twitter account shows. 
One by one the basics of life have been eroded.  Each time a justification was offered, simple to understand and sounding so acceptable at the time, each time a society was being turned by the bad guy into one that does his bidding and they have not seen it yet.
Today we can hate only three kinds of people, paedophiles, Muslims and Christians!  One is dangerous to children, one is going to kill us all and the other, yes the other is dangerous but I wonder why? Why are Christians so hated by their enemies?
Ask yourself that.


Lee said...

"Today gay marriage and the cult of the 'transgender' shows how society had lost all sense of right and wrong. People come in many shapes and sizes, life offers many difficulties and we ought to be helping one another through these with no condemnation and lots of acceptance."

If someone is gay or transgender that is who and what they are; they were born to be that way. Right or wrong shouldn't come into the equation. And whether someone is hetrosexual,asexual, gay or transgender should have absolutely nothing to do with one's religious beliefs.

The fact that I am hetrosexual is the business of no one else; if I was gay or transgender, it would be the no one else's business. Being hetrosexual, gay or transgender is NOT a crime. However, being a paedophile or rapist is!

I hate paedophiles...I always will hate paedophiles...and these feelings will never change as far as I'm concerned. Paedophiles are the lowest of the low; no excuses. I don't care if they disguise themselves in the costumes of their religion or if they're Joe Blow from down the road...they're all evil, slimy scum of the earth.

The question I ask over and over is...why do the believers of one religion believe their religious beliefs and religion are better than those who believe in another religion etc., etc., and so on and so on?

Until they all - every one of them - wake up to themselves and their desire to be better than the other, from their belief that they are better than everyone else, the problems the world is currently facing; have always faced - problems which are obviously becoming worse by the day because of man's intolerance and arrogance - will never be solved.

The human race is its own worst enemy. And the stupidity of it all...humans think they are so very smart...and yet they've not yet woken up to that fact.

Adullamite said...

Lee, An excellent example of what I was saying. Liberal thought that allows people to die!
To say people are 'born that way' is nonsense, people become that way for many reasons. It is strange how they are acceptable today yet paedos, who according to your thinking, are born this way, are not! How nice to have a movable morality.
A lack of knowledge shows when you consider one wishes to be better than another. However only one religion can be right, and only investigating, not ignoring, will answer this. The human race was created and will answer to Jesus one day, you and all the others included, only Jesus can answer humanities needs.

Lee said...

And, yet you can say what you believe is, of course, right; and it's not nonsense, of course not. How could it be - because you are right and full of knowledge.

And yet, when I say what I believe you call it nonsense, because my beliefs don't mirror yours!

I take offense at you accusing me of having "a lack of knowledge", Adullamite. You don't know me, other than through our blogs.

And there you sit, believing that only one religious can be right. And I am supposed to believe that...I'm not allowed to think for myself to have my own thoughts. I find that very strange.

And therein lies the problems of the world. Every religion believes it is the right religion. What a conundrum! What a contradiction. What a bloody mess!