Monday, 29 June 2015

Thoughts For the Day...

Questions must be asked about Ladybirds.  
This one here landed on the window and began to climb up the woodwork.  Why?  
The creature has wings so why not fly to the top rather than slowly struggle upwards on your feet,  especially when every so often you fall back again? 
Does he know where he is going?  What is he looking for?  Does he think the white painted woodwork on the window will feed him perhaps?  
Some beasties may be colour blind I suppose but if so why do plants/flowers have such a variety of colour?  
On another subject why do fly's come in the window and hover around the lampshade? Is it because it is er, cooler in the shade?  Why not stay outside in the wind?  Why fly in straight lines changing every so often to different directions?  Don't they get dizzy?  Bluebottles fly in desperate to get out again, why not fly's?

I have been working too hard, you can tell....



carolincairns said...

Nice observations about the ladybird. I expect answers you know, not just questions.

Lee said...

Perhaps the ladybird is on a search for its identity, Mr. Ad-Man seeing you keep referring to said ladybird as a "he"!!!

the fly in the web said...

Has that ladybird read too much about Robert the Bruce and his spider?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...


Adullamite said...

Carol, I expected you to give the answers, your the teacher.

Lee, Only a she would climb rather than fly.

Fly, She is trying to avoid spiders webs actually.

Jerry, Thank you!