Saturday, 20 June 2015

Joyous Saturday...

Lack of sleep does not aid concentration.  I noted this as I rose at 5:30 this morning.  I tried to stay snug as a bug beside the other bugs but could not sleep.  I rose, fed my fat face and began to work on the latest museum project.
Obviously I had to run round for the veg from the stall so I did not do much, but I had started.  Once all was done I started in earnest and got on well for a good while.  Then I had to prepare for the museum as there was a skill shortage today with folks skiving off.  Only two of us were left.
This might have been a problem had we been busy but as I made off I snapped this pic from the park.  A Cycle in the Park event for kids was on taking them away from us.  A variety of activities including climbing this wall, even if you need a helper to go with you, was available and by the cheery sounds it appeared to be a success.   

So expecting a quiet time I took the laptop with me to continue my scribbling and right enough it was quiet.  I set up the machine, found my place, cogitated and a man walked in.  He was searching for a leaflet on an model railway exhibition and sought advice on getting there, he avoided parting with money.  I returned to work.  Working my way through 1942 while distracted by rescuing the goods outside the door from the rain the weather man said would not arrive until midnight was not the easiest way to work.  However I did begin to make sense of the mess that glared in front of me when the boss flew in, grabbed items for the reunion he was speaking at and flew out asking me to open the door that was already open!
I worked happily for a time until a man arrived.  A good man, an interesting man but a man who talked.  Normally this is good, interesting and worth listening to but he went into every detail of his subject, a subject I already knew a bit about.  I changed the subject he talked about that in detail, I ventured another, he talked about that also.  I pointed him towards the books, he talked about them also!  
It was about this time I realised my tiredness was catching up with me, I had not got my siesta at lunchtime and it was showing.  We discussed, at length, things of great moment, he knew a lot, and eventually he went on his way happy.  A man I was glad to meet but the lassie had come out eventually, putting down her ipad and boyfriend on the other end to help.  It didn't work and he soon left but he bought something before he went, and we discussed this also!  
Only one lovely woman came near the end but by then I was losing thread as 1943 approached and my little mind was unsure how to proceed after the first paragraph.  I closed the machine and chatted to the visitor which was easier as she was in a rush.  She did manage to buy something mind, lovely lass.

Now, while the rest of the staff attend various celebratory parties I sit here in bed scribbling again wishing to continue work but have to write this first.  Was it worth it....?


Lee said...

Your medication is working, Mr. Ad-Man!!! "One lovely woman"...followed by "lovely lass"!

Quick pass me a glass of water! I have to sit down! The shock of it is almost too much! :)

Have yourself a great weekend. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad some kids like to climb but in my day no false rocks but lots of trees were fair game. My four legged black alarm clock wakes me around five each morning and she has yet to figure out that weekends are for sleeping in. At lease I do not miss a sun rise. Never seen such a sign on this side of the pond. Peace

carolincairns said...

What a strange sign ~ though I don't think it will stop the cows falling to their death. Perhaps they need a fence.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Joy is a concept that I often fail to grasp in reality.

the fly in the web said...

Interruptions have always bothered when I was working - for money - I used to have the 'phone off the hook and the door locked. Short of shinning up a drainpipe and a death defying leap to the windowsill there was not much one could do to get at me then...

But retirement is something else!
The puppies want to go out - they clearly should have done so before.
Some blasted woman is on the 'phone looking for the previous owner.
Lunch has to be prepared.
Someone wants tea.
Later he wants soup.
Once reconnected after a week without the internet my laptop dies the death....the laptop someone had sent for repair has come back with an unrecognisable password.
I am thus using someone's does things in a different way...slowly.
Someone is breathing down my neck because he wants to catch up on Rebus.
The puppies want to go out....

Give me your museum - or come to that Piccadilly Circus in the rush hour - any day!

Adullamite said...

Lee, Your medication has failed.

Lady, You need a better clock.

Carol, I suppose cows canny read so it means nothing to them.

Jerry, Joy is all around us, get her out of here!

Fly, So, you are busy then....?