Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Stress and Flowers

For two days I have been removing pictures, old programmes and stuff and the brute is still sticking.  Now I am not the complaining type but this would be a perfect opportunity to grumble.
Take Real Player.  I removed this because it introduced 'Real Player Cloud' and I did not wish to possess this.  The 'Cloud' part remains and is impossible to find and remove.  'Wild Tangent Games' are similar still!  Much more space has been found on the hard disc but still I wish to lose these brutes.
I downloaded fotos onto discs.  I had some on two or three different discs, so I deleted/swapped/ amended/changed and so on until I have almost sorted out the pictures but there are still more to go!  I was at this so long yesterday eventually the laptop could take no more and refused to play!  Like me it was too tired to continue.

With the sun failing to warm the place at least it lit up the flowers in the organic garden outside.   Quite why the heat fails when the light shines I do not understand, however we should be used to this by now.  
Nothing else has happened, if it did I missed it as I was waiting on a new disc to format!  Through the laptop problems I could hardly catch any of the last football of the season.  Now Mike S. informs me the Heart of Midlothian return to training on Friday!  A close season of five days only!!!  When I was a lad football ended after the Scottish Cup Final followed a week later with the Scotland v England game.  That left the remains of May, all of June, most of July before the new season which started in August or the last week in July.  How I missed the game during that period, it appeared to go on for ever.  Now it almost does not exist!  Those who run the game require to sort things out say!   There is now a cry for summer football - WE ALREADY HAVE IT!  



Lee said...

After all that mind-draining work it certainly is time to smell the roses...and the poppies.

Lady Di Tn said...

The flowers are lovely but I do not envy your computer task. That is why I yell for Owen to handle all my computer needs. I enjoyed the St. John post very much. What a lovely little Church and to walk among past residents is cool. My imagination would have been on over drive. Peace

Adullamite said...

Lee, The Poppies are wonderful just now.

Lady, Send Owen over here now!!!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Stupid questions (probably) but did you go to "Programs and Freatures" on your computer control panel to uninstall the Wild Tangent games and RealPlayer Cloud? I tried working with RealPlayer Cloud because of its ability to download YouTube videos, but when that stopped working, I uninstalled the program. Some files remained behind, and I manually deleted them. I cannot remember where they were located in my file system, but searching for RealPlayer through the start button function should reveal where they are located on your system. You may be able to do the same for any remaining Wild Tangent files after doing an uninstall.

As I think I told you before, one attractive feature of Windows 8.1 (and maybe also 8) is the ability to restore the operating system to factory specs without losing your personal files. Of course, if you are just wanting to clear out a lot of space, you will still need to remove personal files, but if you are doing this in order to fix another problem, you may be able to fix the problem through the system refresh program. I do not know how it works, but a Google search should find some answers for you.

Whenever I run across someone trying to clear space on their hard-drive, I have a little chuckle over the memory of a friend advising us on the purchase of our first home computer back in 2000. He supposedly knew a lot about both using and working on PCs, and he assured us that we would never come close to filling up our 20 gigabyte hard-drive. Our two current computers have 1 terrabyte hard-drives, and when I was transferring files off of this one to Arlynda's when I was considering doing a reinstall of Windows 7, her computer was approaching 70% capacity with all of the movies and television documentaries I have recorded over the past 3-4 years in the hope of eventually leaving cable television far behind.

carolincairns said...

I am getting so nervous for you Adullaman ~ you have been deleting for a while now.

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Yes indeed I did this but the things delete but leave hidden parts. The 'Real Cloud' bits left can be found but not removed. I cannot find a way into the games however. The other ideas are worth a look. However work has caught up and now I must write things re WW2.

Carol. Mostly done now, much time spent downloading onto discs, buying discs, swapping from one to another disc etc. I am worn out, I'm not used to work!

Jenny Woolf said...

I've tried to garden in an organic way and it's fine till the plants get covered in bugs or the leaves all drop off. I don't think I am much good at gardening.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, It's always worth a try, but bugs need natural opponents.