Monday, 4 May 2015

Sea Sick, Too bad!

Since I was last here a couple of years ago I wanted to return to this car park and sit here watching the ships go by.  The sun glinting off the water, the sounds of the ferry's chains rattling, the water sloshing against the walls, the variety of craft that run back and forward on occasion ignoring the 'Give way to the Ferry' sign on the ferry.  The sun shone but there was a chill in the wind still, note the two at the back of the wee boat!  They have been out on a fishing trip and I wonder if they have caught anything out there apart from pneumonia?
There were over twenty cars on the ferry but I lost count as they came off.  A tourist bus, a 7:5 ton van and other large vans also travelled alongside a cyclist or two and foot passengers.  During the summer this place must be teeming!  The sands opposite filled with revelers and others indulging in things you keep kids away from, unless you are Ofsted of course!

Away in the far distance stands 'Old Harry Rocks.'  Once in the days of long ago these were attached to the Isle of Wight that is now far across the Solent.  I have clambered out along the top, in the 1980's, and it seems to me bits have been worn away since then by the storms.  There is no chance of my clambering over the brutes now!

Somewhat closer than in reality the distant Isle of Wight is clearly seen, even the southern end often shrouded by haze can be seen in the far distance.  So what happened to all that chalk land that has eroded?  I suspect someone somewhere has a mountain or two on their beach that they are not too happy about.

We climbed up to a high spot on the cliffs to gain a better view.  Down below the handful of people walked along the bright sand, sand that looks as if it has been relayed in time for the summer season.  The tourist income is vast and this long beach stretching from Christchurch to Poole more or less is a fabulous place to be.  Thousands consider it so and it gets a wee bit crowded.  There is very good support from lifeguards and council controls.  Mostly for lost kids during the day I suspect.

More fishermen!  They are also the only folks at sea it appears.  Usually this place is teeming with life.  Ferries to France, lifeboats rehearsing, small craft passing by, occasional other bigger ships in the distance heading for Poole.  Today little moved except a  dog or two and some people enjoying the sun. 

The different shades of blue in the sky intrigued me.  The sea was the same, various shades, changing as clouds passed over.  The blue above lightens as it heads towards the horizon, gradually the blue dissipates until it touches the sea.  The clouds remained small cotton wool like and insufficient to fill the picture, which is good.

Sick off the sea?  OK, no more now.

oops, sorry!


carolincairns said...

The blue of the ocean in the third last image is mesmerising. I swear that I have seen many shades of blue and turquoise in the ocean down this end of the earth, but nothing quite that shade of blue. I wondered if it is a true representation of what you saw yourself?

Adullamite said...

Carol, Aye indeed. The thing is the sun shone brightly from the far side and that helps with the shade. This is near the wall and who knows what lies beneath, that too affects the colour. It was certainly darker there than further out. The sea has many shades and not all were caught on camera.

Jenny Woolf said...

Endlessly fascinating. One of the nicest views of the sea I know is above Dover, near the castle and very handily the national trust have a tea shop so you can get a cup of tea and overlook the docks below and see right out to see. It is fantastic on a sunny day. Trouble is I only ever go to Dover when I am getting a ferry and I hardly ever do that.

Lee said...

I never get sick of views of the sea....I might get sea sick, but never the former.

Your photos bring it all to life so well...I can almost smell the sea air...such a wonderful hit to the senses!

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I think it's time you made him take you there for a day or two! I would like to visit also as I have never been down that way.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Ah the smell of the sea, it is so romantic, well so obvious! I love it!