Thursday, 7 May 2015

At Last!

Apart from the exultation/despair filling the biased media tomorrow, followed by the endless guesswork re the next coalition government if there is to be one, at last we can forget about the election!
First thing this morning I put aside the urgent pressing desire to vote and instead stuffed my face with an unhealthy breakfast.  That is, it started healthy but I forgot myself and went for whatever was lying around.  Much later I stumbled heavily to the museum, where the vote was being taken in the large hall, and surprisingly when I entered the place was empty!  I expected many to be there and it appears many had voted earlier, while I was munching on a somewhat aged dry nan.  (By 'nan' I mean one of those bread things, I do not mean 'Nan' in the sense of 'Grannie' just in case you are confused.  I have not eaten a 'nan' as in 'Grannie' for some time now).  
Anyway my Big Boss, the museum manager, was running the election here as he always does and he offered me the white and yellow sheets of paper in which to vote for a loser.  His female companion, trained by the Gestapo, questioned my address, house number, name, first name and shirt size just to check my identity and in case I had found the voting card in the street.  I did not point out that as she asked me my address, house number, name, first name etc I read them off the card!   At least I had people who could confirm my identity, what if I could not?
So I took the valuable papers remembering the many who had fought for years to obtain the franchise and later a secret ballot, and headed for the private cubicle.  There I selected 'Mad as a Hatter and a Lover of White Elephants Party' from the motley collection on offer and considered the names on the yellow sheet for the local elections.  A good idea to use a different coloured paper as some may get confused by two similar white sheets with names of people you have never heard off theron.  Of the umpteen candidates about which we, as is usual in local elections, know almost nothing, I selected two by Party link (the desperate for votes party) and one as I know her from one of the churches and if elected she might not be effective but will never shut up and that will really annoy them!  Having exhausted my intellect I sat with the girls in the museum to ensure they were behaving, no they were not, and so I passed on to my other duties, and fell asleep.

So we have voted.  What will the outcome be?  A coalition appears likely, with possibly another election within a year.  The UK will be a different place whatever and the one side effect may be the media suffering badly.  The bias and absurd stories found therein, mostly in the Conservative media is beyond parody.  One obvious example is 'The Sun.'  This grubby Murdoch paper is published in Scotland and England.  The English version of the 'Sun' tells its readers through screaming headlines to vote Conservative and keep out the SNP!  The Scottish version of the 'Sun' through screaming headlines tells its readers to vote SNP!  Ed Milliband, the leader of the Labour Party has made clear he does not like Murdoch and may do something about him and those foreign or non domiciled owners therefore he gets attacked.  Alec Salmond while leader of the SNP kept in with Murdoch successfully and obtained support from him, Nicola Sturgeon who replaced him as First leader has said nothing re the press in this campaign.  Both receive a big black mark against them for this!  We now await the hype regarding the results coming in, the lies and half truths, the despair of the losers and gloating of the winners and look forward to a glorious future not much different from the present.    


carolincairns said...

You might as well be speaking a foreign language today Adullaman ~ such excitement for politics ~ what an odd thing. It is good you voted because now you are entitled to whinge for another 4? years ~ or is it 5?

Lee said...

My mind boggles! It's in overdrive! This is far too much information; far too much for me to cope with this early in the morning!!!

I think you need to go on another break, Mr. Ad-Man. The seagulls are waiting! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

You got it correct and painted a true picture of politics today. I enjoyed your travels especially Corfe. I think it would be a grand place to explore. Peace

Kay G. said...

I like that photo of the lazy looking lion that you have now.
Does this mean that you are King of the Blogging jungle?
Long live the King!

the fly in the web said...

I cannot believe that people have been mad enough to continue to vote for the about a death wish for the poor, the under educated, the old and the sick.

And what a burden of blame the Labour Party must bear for its lickspittling servitude to Murdoch and all his works...not that that will worry the self satisfied leaders who will, at the worst, move to a cosy non job where the words 'zero hours contract' are unknown.


Adullamite said...

Carol, The winging will continue after that result!

Lee, Break? I need to emigrate!

Lady, You would love Corfe.

Kay, I'm just a pussy cat.

Fly, The 'fear of the SNP' was a major factor encouraged by the media. The stupidity of it all.
However many big names have gone, but not enough.