Thursday, 21 May 2015

Diary Study

Most of today has been spent in the war.  I was reading through a diary we have been given to take out the specific local items.  The writer spent his time during the war on cal as one who attended bomb incidents salvaging people and items and making good buildings where possible.  He had a reasonably busy time on occasions.  The above is the result of one of two large bombs, possibly parachute mines, which arrived near ten one night.  Huge damage, three killed.  The diary details incidents he attended, most regarding the work required to put roofs back on and suchlike, but references to daily life give an inkling of what it was like to live through those days.  
Having read through and selected my bits I have just merged them with what notes I had of the official 'incident reports.'  Therefore when he mentions an air raid I can sometimes add what actually happened. Often the result was bombs on open fields or reasonably safe areas.  Still the fact that every so often a plane or planes might pass over when you slept could be waring on the nerves.  
Add to this the encroaching rationing of daily items, the limits of freedom, work forced upon the individual, and what in fact was a dictatorial state until the war was won, all these things add up after a few years.
Diaries, when you are allowed to read them, give an interesting insight into the writer.  His personality comes through and his opinions appear even when these are not being forced upon us due to space. I think I could like him!  As I wander around town I now consider the repairs that must have been his work.  Few would realise when looking at some houses how damaged they were during the conflict, they appear fit and proper now.  This man can consider he done well by his fellow man.
Now I am wondering what to do with this.  Should I make it into an item and write it up?  Does the boss wish me to leave it with her?  I do not know, neither does she!  So I leave it for now and will find out tomorrow as I have been ordered to report for something or other.   



Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

It sure sounds like a work worthy of a proper published review. I consider having to endure life in a besieged area without the ability to return fire to be much harder than actually being on the front-lines during a war. On the spiritual side of matters, it is a life I am having to endure, and I do not like it a bit!

the fly in the web said...

Could you 'pin' his reports to present day photographs of the buildings concerned?

Lee said...

I'm glad you had a day with nothing to say, Mr. Ad-Man, because no matter how badly I wanted to say something in response, I wasn't able to do so. I've been without the Internet from Wednesday morning until late this afternoon, Friday. Wow! What did I do before the Internet??

It plays such a big part in my life. I'm always researching something or other...reading something or other!

It's so good to be back! :)

Mo said...

I hope you do get to write a report on such an interesting story

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Indeed there were guns in the distance firing away, closer to home some factories had poor machine guns at the top. However for the majority they just had to sit it out. Unnerving.

Fly, That sounds a good idea, but some have gone but I might look around at some.

Lee, Terrible news! That sort of thing is devastating! How horrible an experience that is!

Mo, I am attempting to put together something covering the town through the war. This will make a good base.