Thursday, 6 November 2014


Throwing aside the grubby ex-army blankets I got up from my laptop and ironed the last three shirts from that pile.  This was cheaper than turning on the heating.  I ensured the frost would not remain on the carpet by also making some luxurious lentil soup.  I say 'luxurious' because this potful actually tasted good when I finally tried some.  This I must confess is not always the case.  You will be gratified to know the rest of my cooking today was awful as normal.

Too much of today has been taken up with searching for folks relatives.  Printing them off if found and waddling all the way to the post office and the smiling Asian lass to send them off.  All good fun in one way but it takes a lot of time. Even updating the website memorial takes at least 30 minutes a go, and with the cold air just now it is not so enjoyable.  This means I take less time to read the drivel found in the papers.  By ignoring most of them I feel so much more relaxed.  I fear less the murderers, bad dentists, danger from eating apples and psycopaths who live round the corner for me, according to what the papers say anyway.  Funnily enough when the paper does not cause great fear and terror such fear and terror happens less around our way.  Ignoring the news also means I hear less from politicians preparing for the election.  The desperate promises from each, the slanted views of their opponents, and acres of newsprint slanted to suit their owners touch me not and I am glad. 

However this five nights a week football is wearing me out.  The sooner these sections are over the better for my sleep patterns.  What makes it worse is some of the games are rubbish, usually featuring English sides I must say.  By Saturday I might be worn out and unable to watch any more, but I will...  



Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

It is good to have productive days.

Lee said...

Completely off subject...well, almost off mouth fell open the other night when watching a brain-numbing reality show (sometimes numbing of the brain is needed) of the lasses on the show...a young woman in her mid-twenties claimed she had no idea how to iron. She had never ironed before, ever, in her life!!!!

Is this the norm with the young of today?

the fly in the web said...

What is the problem with your cooking?
What do you do to your lentil soup...burn it? What you need to do is,once thick, add browned sliced onions, a bit of chilli sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice to 'crack' the soup.
I'm not renowned for spending money or spending hours over the stove, but cooking does need attention at the right times - as when soup starts to thicken.
Do you have a slow cooker? If not, get one...they let you get on with interesting stuff while the cooking takes care of itself. When I was last visiting my mother they were taking over the shelves of the charity shops.
You do need to take care of yourself...however else will we hear of the doings of obscure west coast football teams...

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Indeed! :)

Lee, In a reality show the first thing to do is get noticed, and that claim helps. Mind you it is probably true.

Fly, the main problem is I don't have a woman to do what she was made for! Anyway, as long as it goes down I eat it.