Saturday, 15 November 2014

Friday Night at St Mick's, oh and a Camel!

Time was when I could not stay in on a Friday night.  The world was out there and the world was happening all around and I had to be near it if not actually in it.  Today however I find sitting in my bed on a cold Friday night watching football far more appealing than strolling the dark streets.  Yet last night I was forced by a woman, isn't it always, to venture out to St Michaels to their little remembrance evening.  Quite why all this did not happen on Saturday I know not but not being one to question or complain I ensured my bits remained attached by arriving just after seven on the clock.
The idea was to show a few of their items and some of ours, and sell the book also.  This we did but mostly I wished to meet the grandchildren of the men on the memorial.

Being Anglicans they are into candles and while not quite me i did think they had presented things well. I spent lots of time talking to relatives of men who served, around five of them were long conversations which ended with them buying one of my books funnily enough, and all taught me a great deal.  The lady who stood out was one who had ventured to Bosnia during the war there a few years ago to deliver aid.  Snipers, customs, unhappy drivers and other problems left me full of admiration for her and her husband (who received the MBE for his efforts in controlling things) for their willingness to dare such an adventure.  That was a few years ago and they are retired now so it was not sweet young things, they were folks who had lots to lose.  

Then it was home through the dark mist, with the camera set at the wrong position for pictures all night, to arrive exhausted and struggle to sleep as I was so tired.  I also managed to miss the Scotland v Ireland game, but I canny complain, as the boss would hit me if I did!!!  

Tired or not I was forced to shop today and was somewhat surprised to be confronted by three camels in the centre of town, not a usual experience to me. There they were giving rides to brats kiddies and stinking the place down.  A wonderful idea for Christmas and I wish they had been at the museum! However I am glad I did not have to clean up afterwards!



Carol said...

Christmas Camels ~ novel. Can't say I have ever seen such a thing to get people in the spirit.

the fly in the web said...

That sounds an interesting evening...and so now you're a real author whose books are bought. So delighted for you.

Lee said...

You sure you didn't hit the pub when you were out? No! Okay...well, I guess you do have picture-proof that those camels are real! ;)

That lady sounds very interesting and it would be easy to fall into conversation with her; to listen to her story.

I never go out at night any more other than perhaps once a year to my landlords' annual Christmas gathering (which is due again on 17th Dec). I venture far to attend it, too. mM cabin is down one end of this 3 acre block, and their home is at the other end! But I do drive up because I never go empty-handed being armed with food and a bottle or two of wine. Already I've made a pile of meatballs that are waiting patiently in my freezer.

Adullamite said...

Carol, Lovely things from a distance. Kids are happy and it is an event I suppose.

Fly, Nothing so embarrassing as signing your book for the public!

Lee, Those were Aussie camels - they went to the pub afterwards!
The lass was interesting, I told her to write down her story but I doubt she will.

Kay G. said...

That sounds like a lovely memorial service.

the fly in the web said...

I read the book last night and was very impressed by its clarity of vision - particularly in respect of the forces underlying 'volunteering' - and the good sense of showing the army organisation pattern for those without a military background.
Super book....what's the next going to be?

Adullamite said...

Kay, Not really a service just a 'gathering' and it was good. You would have enjoyed it.

Fly, I love you!!!!
next one....?

Lee said...

Actually, Adullamite..I watched a segment on TV only a few nights ago about camels and it was stated therein that our camels here in Aus...and we have many of them in the outback...they were brought here mainly by the Afghan traders -

During the programme it was also stated that our Aussie camels are the best in the world...healthwise etc.

The TV segment was about the health benefits of camel milk. It was very interesting.

It concentrated on a particular fellow who is farming camels purely for their milk..operating not unlike a dairy farmer The milk apparently has properties that help autism sufferers, ridding them almost completely of their symptoms, if not all of their symptoms.

It's not cheap, naturally, but apparently many swear by its properties.

Jenny Woolf said...

I never know what to say to people who go into battle zones to help. I am so full of admiration for them. I. Also marvel at the bravery and dedication of those who go to help with Ebola treatment too. And I wonder what soldiers feel about it. Their work usually involves different dangers to the isilent threat of disease.