Wednesday, 5 November 2014


The dying sun shone brightly filling the street with the glare right up till I got into position and then it faded!  The intention was good and by the time I found something without people in the way the sun had almost gone.  The sign hangs above yet another ex-public house.  This town once had vast numbers, and a 'beer shop' was almost next door!  Today this houses offices and even then they are not all filled as you can see.
The sun did shine but the north wind howled today and I am freezing!  It has got so bad I had to put the heating on, and this is not a good sign.  I remain free from jealousy concerning those in hot countries who never see temperatures below hot!  I am not jealous, nor was I yesterday when the chap in the museum spoke of his home in Portugal!  I was happy for the boastful tanned individual! 
Now, where's the brandy?  



Lee said...

It's pretty warm here today...a clear blue sky; the sun shining brightly; and a gentle breeze a-breezing; and the council are disturbing what would be, should be a peaceful by noisily sawing down trees across the way! I suppose it's the council guys.

Whoever they are I should report them to the council for spoiling what could be a very nice, quiet day! Harrummmmphhh!

the fly in the web said...

It seems as if the rainy season is ending earlier than usual....very good for the state of my floors, not at all good for farmers in the north of the country where the rainy season has been anything but...

Adullamite said...

Lee, grrrrr I am glad the council men are keeping you company. Now, where is the anti-freeze for the laptop?

Fly, The lamb is enough trouble for your floors!