Thursday, 20 November 2014


As I hobbled through the park this afternoon weighed down by thought and a bag of Tesco special offers I was struck by how bright the sky could be when the air temperature was so low.  In my little world if the sky is blue the sun ought to be burning our skin beetroot shade but today it was slowly slipping down behind the old water towers, though what is wants to do there I fail to understand. The populace is now wrapped up, not counting half dressed young ladies and workmen who think it's warm because the sun is shining, scarves fly off the shelves, heavy coats are in use and the heating everywhere is struggling into life.  
However when I see pictures from North America and folks cars lie under a foot of snow I can tell you how glad I am to be here and not there.  Their snow problems will continue until the weekend when I suspect it will thaw and flood everyone.  I suppose such folks as Canadians can cope better than we having all the right tools for heavy snowfall but even so it is a trial.  
The changing climate indicates the end is near and we do nothing but  talk about it. This 'art work' in Berlin is called 'Politicians discussing climate change, ' I think it makes a point.



the fly in the web said...

I could not believe how people were huddled up in furry coats and woolly hats when the temperatures were those of a mild European climate...

Carol said...

I personally cannot understand why anyone would want to live where it snows. I hate the cold.

Adullamite said...

Fly, I was with them!

Carol, I can do without the snow also.