Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Parties Over....

The Party Conference season is now over, the election us upon us.  This week have heard heard the Tories turn to lie and as to be expected they offer tax cuts to the hard done by middle class (who vote for them) and freeze increases on benefits on the poorest (who do not).  Pensions will survive as pensioners vote for the Tories and the richest will be allowed to keep their tax havens although George Osborne says he will make them pay tax (aye right!).  In short lies just like those we heard for the other parties and as we have heard them often before.
The sad thing is that we have heard it before and the people will still vote for these people. Some, indeed many will actually believe them, some will claim they will benefit and the nation also!  These people live in a dream.

The work is slackening off however as the wee book we are doing is almost at an end.  The exhibition is doing well and all I will have is the constant update of the memorial.  By the end of the month the booklet will be done and so will I! All the writing, the amendments by the editor, the alterations, the editing, all that red stuff and 'must do better' will soon end.  About time too!



Lee said...

I'm a Conservative voter...always have been, and I always will be. I was even a Conservative/Liberal Party voter long before I started receiving the Age Pension.

Readily and proudly do I admit to being so.

soubriquet said...

That tw*t Cameron described William Hague as "The Greatest Living Yorkshireman".

Obviously, so long as at least one Yorkshireman, no matter how humble, still lives, Cameron's statement will never be true.

Mo said...

We can pretty much guarantee all the promises being made at present will be abandoned with in minutes of whichever one of the parties gets in.

Do we get a glimpse of the book you are slavishly working on?

Jenny Woolf said...

The day that I sat and listened to the radio and heard Boris Johnson showing off and Cameron being such a pillock is the day I just had to stop tweeting. My fingers were shaking with rage!!!!

Adullamite said...

Lee, The shame!

Soub, You must realise that he has only met one Yorkshireman and has yet to find out where Yorkshire is. He thinks his Richmond constituency is in south west London!

Mo, Never trust a man. The booklet will be done soon.

Jenny, All puff for the listeners.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I hope your book proves to be a great success.

Lady Di Tn said...

You are too kind to call them dreamer or rather living in a dream. I will call them what they really are STUPID. The same goes on here in the states and it lead to shambles when the vote is in. I think there should be a test before you can vote. If you do not know the answer then a trap door should open and get you the hell out of the voting booth. Kitty Justice would work. Peace