Wednesday, 29 October 2014

It Rains Here

Trapped inside all day by the wet stuff falling like I was in Scotland!  Naturally I had no bread and had to brave it while searching Tesco for breakfast.  Surely in this day and age we can fix things so it only rains at night?  Bah!
I therefore spent an exciting day looking for peoples missing relatives.  When they were alive in the early part of the century some things can be discovered. However The Ministry of Defence does not release details of servicemen from WW2, this I reckon is so they can charge £30 a time for a search fee if you enquire about them.  This government will smell cash and privatise the records soon.  Oh look, they already have!
One lass failed to give sufficient info, one mentioned the ships dad had sailed in and these two took all day to investigate.  Poor dad, he was on three ships and I suspect he was on one of them when it went down, all three were lost.  He survived but gave little away as is normal.
He served at one time on a ship that went down while Lord Mountbatten was a mere Captain then.  Well a Captain of a Flotilla of five ships.  Two were lost in 1941 south of Crete and a film was made later starring Noel Coward called 'In Which we Serve' telling the story.  

The rain was such a pain that I even ironed four shirts rather than do something useful.  Just think what  could have done had the sun shone? I could have walked away from the laptop for a start!

Oops must has started....  


Lee said...

Oh! I wish it would rain here...send it down to me, please Mr. Ad-Man. We need it badly and with the early heat we're experiencing (and summer is not yet here) the threat of bush fires is great.

We've had the driest October on record, apparently. I love the rain and you won't hear any complaints from me...I never complain about it because we never know when we'll get any again.

Fortunately, here on this property we do have our own bore with access to the beautiful mountain water. The aquifer is very generous to us, but, nevertheless, we don't waste water. We have the bore to fall back on when we get little rain.

Some here in this village on the plateau are dependent only on rainfall and have to buy water during times such as this. I'd hate to be in that position.

maurcheen said...

6 - 0??;-)

the fly in the web said...

Ironed four shirts! Get yourself over ironing pile needs you!

I suppose it is apocryphal but when Mountbatten's ship was sunk he was supposed to have been swimming alongside a jolly jack who remarked how common it was that scum should rise to the surface...

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

We now have a hole in the roof on the backside of our house, and our collection buckets keep a fairly accurate take on just how much rain fell in a given period. Sigh.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Swap????

Maurcheen, 2-0!!!

Fly, 4 shirts is a pile! That tale is indeed true. The Lord has it in his report, it was a chief stoker. Good read.

Jerry, Get up there and fix it man before the next hurricane!