Sunday, 26 October 2014


The good news is the clocks going back one hour and offering an extra sleep in the morning.  It goes without saying that I awoke at five, that was six and struggled to sleep properly until ten minutes before I had to rise.  Tsk! Struggling into the cold east wing I began looking for all the timepieces that required changing.  As always during the day others appear out of nowhere and I sometimes wonder why I have so many clocks is useful positions that I never notice except when the stop or require moving forwards or back one hour.  
Having succeeded in registering time in the house I looked to having my weekly bath, what with this being Sunday and all.  The boiler would not work!  It has been giving problems off and on and now it was just off!  The starter has decided not to start and the little red light says call for the man!  So I sent an email to the woman who calls the man who calls me and turns up probably sometime during the week.  Just as the weather turns winterish all the boilers fail, this year it's my turn.  Ah well, I suppose I can have a bath next week, no need to fuss is there. 

The thing about the Edinburgh derby is that you must realise the Heart of Midlothian always win it!  OK on occasion the wee team sometimes scrape a victory but since 1875, when we beat them one nil on Christmas Day, the Heart of Midlothian have always been the superiour side.  This is one of the blessings I have received, to be born into a Hearts of Midlothian family, how lucky is that! Hibernian fans, those few, those noble few who follow the wee team do not like this situation.  Indeed since we defeated them in the cup final, again, in 2012 one or two of the most likeable Hibs lads have only referred to me in grunts, and that via the web!  
Today the Hibs had some idea that they were in a position to defeat this mighty team, jokers that we are we played along with this allowing them to convince their feeble minded followers that a victory was on the cards.  Indeed they even managed to get the ball into our goal and with this one goal lead the happy bunch were celebrating a win long before the end.  90 minutes had been played, 4 more added by an excellent referee to cover injury time and other happenings at the end when cheering Hibbys had reality restored.  That great man Alim Ozturk strode forward into enemy territory, unleashed a shot from close on 40 yards and watched as it sailed into the air, dipped, and off the bottom of the crossbar rocketed into the Hibs net!  Oh what a shot, what a goal, what a laugh (in love obviously) as the Green and white clad lower orders stared in disbelief.  Once more they had failed to win, once more the BIG TEAM took a point, we should have had three) once more i expect to hear grunts over social media soon, when they come out of the pub/sulk/coma. 
Some feardies thought Hearts were going to lose?  Some, like me, are not old enough to experience the shock of being defeated by Hibernian.  Tsk!  The Edinburgh derby, one of the most one sided in the world.  Still, it's a giggle innit?   



Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Whoa, you had me thinking that I had missed the announcement. As it turns out, our next time change doesn't occur until 0200 next Sunday morning.

Lady Di Tn said...

What a pickle to not have hot water. Yes, I am thankful for hot water from the tap. You see I was in high school before ever experiencing the luxury of running water. We had to go to the spring and tote water in a pail. Yep, I did get the hang of carrying two pails as it made for less trips. For some reason when you mention No brain, I thought of the Wizard of Oz. Peace

Lee said... your power and water...shower once a year!

I have one little battery-operated clock on my bedside table...and other than the computer clock...that's all I have to keep me up with the times. I don't own a watch and haven't done for years and years. I have no need for one.

The sun comes up...and the sun goes down. At least your curtains won't fade now that the clocks have been put back! :)

the fly in the web said...

When it comes to baths I should follow the example of Elizabeth I if I were you...

And no change of hour here, thank goodness, though I have to be careful when ringing my mother back in England...she can be testy if roused too early!

Mike Smith said...

It seems the Hibs support have given up on their club. 6,000 empty seats at Easter Road yesterday. There was a larger attendance at Hearts v Dumbarton last week...

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Sorry to waken you, I'll try again next week.
Why we have to get up at 2 and change clocks I never understand.

Lady, You Hillbilly you!

Lee, These curtains faded long before I did! :)

Fly, You need to check this.

Mike, That amazed me, the team improves greatly yet they stay away?