Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hmmm, funny how when I took that picture, the sun shining through the trees, the blue sky peeking in behind, it all seemed such a good idea.  Now that darkness reigns it has palled somewhat.  I wonder who thought of the idea of placing dirty big orbs on top of gateposts?  This was done around 1880 ish and some clever designer, not an architect I suggest, considers this the way to er, top off the gateposts.  In days of yore pineapples made of stone were used for this decoration.  The pineapple was an exotic fruit for far away and if you possessed one you were indeed wealthy.  Those who had excessive wealth therefore placed stone pineapples on walls, doors, houses, anywhere they would be seen.  Today you get your picture in 'Hello' or the 'daily Mail.'  The intellectual difference between such pictures and stone pineapples is minute, but the stone wins each time.

While ploughing through the update on the Great War memorial I also began to investigate the WW2 one.  Next year is the anniversary of the end of that war and we are doing something for it. My part will be smaller but I may have to search things out.  Typical, these wars come so close together.  I have not finished one and they are starting on another.  Something should be done.
Worse still there is less information on the second war strangely enough because while we all know about it individuals stories are still subject to Ministry of Defence restrictions.  Bah!

To enlighten my boring day I also cleared the ice from the freezer.  It had been building up somewhat and I managed to fill the sink with lumps of ice that took all night to thaw.  Such excitement, it could be worse, one day I must clean the oven.  Where are women when you need them...?  



Carol in Cairns said...

I read another blog post sometime ago from America that the pineapple was a symbol from the lady of the house to her lover that her husband had returned from sea. This goes to support that bit of social history to some degree. Wish I could find the blog post for you.

Lee said...

Damn! You just reminded me...I meant to buy a pineapple when I was out at the supermarket this morning!!

Angie said...

I could say something like "It's got knobs on".
This woman was enjoying a few hours of 'I'm sorry I haven't a Clue'!! Thanks for putting it up. I have my own freezer to clean & as for cleaing the oven - forget it!

the fly in the web said...

I've just been listening to some goon on Gardeners' Question Time telling us to defrost our freezers and use the resulting water for watering plants that don't like lime...or iron...or something...and now you start.
Off to water the pineapples...

Adullamite said...

Carol, Just shows you canny trust US women!

Lee, Always willing to help.

Angie, my oven!!!

Fly, Kew Gardens want you!