Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The World Tonight

Unknown Photographer

The world tonight shows Scotland's capital Edinburgh along with the rest of the nation on tenterhooks as they approach the day of reckoning.  Tomorrow the historic decision must be taken to break the stranglehold of England upon Scotland and become an independent nation once again.  It is not possible to understand how anyone, bar those making money from London or the sectarian bigots in  the west coast can bring themselves to refuse independence.  No other nation has ever done that!  The lies of the BBC and the London media, the slanted news coverage, the friends of London lining up to spout lies for their own advantage surely have been seen through?  Even tonight the 'Telegraph' offers a major headline concerning a pensioner attacked while supporting the NO vote.  At no time have the many YES folk attacked been given publicity by this foul paper. It also ignores the owner offering the Scots editor £20,000 to encourage a NO vote!  The twisted facts and false promises that will never come to pass must ensure the Scots take the step we must all desire in our hearts, independence.  The nation awaits, the world watches on, and I wish I was there!

In some places Scotland's trials mean little.  The people of Utter Pradesh watch the Hiindu nationalists trawl through the villages seeking to force Christians and Muslim to return to the Hindu religion.  This has led to many problems for Christians with leaders being harassed and attacked as they go about their day. The ability to start a riot must be one of the easiest thing to learn in India, they happen almost daily, and when the Hindu's turn on Christians dwellings are destroyed and people seriously damaged and killed.  This will of course get no coverage in the media.

In Syria and Iraq there will be little possibility to acknowledge Scotland's peaceful vote.  They will be cut off from electricity in most places and dodging bullets and madmen elsewhere.  It makes me glad to be where I am sometimes when I see how folks live elsewhere.  major wars we hear about to some extent but smaller conflicts, especially those that are ongoing for some time are less important to our news providers, they wish new action, loud explosions, crying women or some sex story involving someone famous.  The media feed up bread and circuses daily and we cannot see it!

Some of course are enjoying their own Garden of Eden, and I am not in the least jealous of them, my skin has an unfortunate green tint anyway with all the green stuff I now eat!  The sufferings in one place do not stop us having good times in another.  It has always been thus and will remain so until the end.  Enjoy while you can, the bill arrives at the end of the month!

I attended a talk at the museum this afternoon on how the Great War affected Essex.  This was interesting and naturally afterwards I was surrounded by attractive young women asking me for information.  The interesting thing at these events is the offhand information that comes out. Two men spoke to the speaker and later he said both had relatives who died at Gallipoli and lie in the same graveyard there.  Naturally he did not collect their names or pass them on to me! Tsk!  It did mean I had yet more info to search tonight for the pretty young blonde woman looking for a granddad who survived but the relevant information has been lost.  

Whatever happens look up, the sky is always there, even if it is under a cloud!



Lee said...

Yes...that cloud spreads far and wide, unfortunately. I think all religions should be banished; but then, it would make no difference...humans would continue killing each other. They'd find some excuse to do so.

In just a few hours the voting will commence. As I type it's almost 10pm in interesting time ahead...

Adullamite said...

Lee. Trepidation!