Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Frippary

So, by well over 500 votes to 43 the House votes for action, via the RAF, in Iraq.  I had the debate on the telly most of the day and was intrigued by the debate.  Many I saw were keen to inform the leaders of their party that they were doing what they were told, others, usually more experienced and past minister opportunities, were more willing to tackle the hard bits face on.  The House was clearly afraid of mission creep and all were aware of the Iraq situation of the past.  Their constituents have made it clear this will not be tolerated again!  Quite right too!
Of course it has to be remembered in May 2015 a General Election takes place and this insipid lot are afraid to lose their seats.  At moments like this they do listen to their people.  The only problem is the somewhat unfortunate fact that nobody really knows what will happen next.
God might be about to punish us.

Guilt is a terrible thing.  You do bad things and need to confess them, either that you repress the truth and hide the guilt deep inside.  One guilty secret I hide away and rarely allow to come to mind is the walk to the record shop that once stood at the top of Leith Walk opposite London Road, and spent six shillings and eightpence on this record!  With the Beatles and Stones, not to say dozens of other top groups abounding at the time I chose to waste my money on Tom Jones! What on earth went through my head?   
However I suspect you out there may have chosen badly also.  Any guilt to be confessed?


Carol in Cairns said...

Is that your only guilt, smallest guilt or biggest guilt Adullaman? Guilt is a bit of a cancer I suggest. Sure it moderates our behaviour, but we you can't get too comfortable with it. Perhaps our biggest lesson is learning to forgive ourselves for those things we did, thought and said., letting go of the guilt and doing better next time. That will be £50 please.

Lee said...

Would you rather our respective governments just sat back and did nothing, Mr. Ad-Man?

You're a brave man to admit to purchasing that record!!!

soubriquet said...

No. I have no guilt. Tom Jones and I have an understanding. I will never buy one of his records, nor will he buy any of mine, should I ever make any.

Mike Smith said...

You bought a Tom Jones record? It's not unusual...

Carol in Cairns said...

Excellent comment Soubriquet.

Adullamite said...

Carol, £50!!!! Jings!

Lee, Brave is not the word.

Soub, he bought all of mine!

Mike, What's new pussycat?

Carol, Don't encourage him!