Monday, 15 September 2014

Maudlin Monday

The young nurse (they are all young to me) at the surgery mentioned how lucky I was to be retired. "I'm busier than ever," said I, not letting on that I was lying.  I would be busier if I did all those jobs that need doing however!  So passing me fit and demanding I return in two weeks to prove I am still alive I made my way back to the laptop to continue rewriting the writing that I wrote before.  This indicated many mistakes so it was lucky I did this but not so lucky that any time I moved the format changed and required resetting.  Why must computers behave like women I ask you?  
Sitting here chewing my dried dates, figs and small red things I notice that the healthy 'Sweet Papaya Cubes' are 42% papaya and 58% sugar!  How healthy is that?  Natural sugar is one thing but I wonder... Still I suppose all this is doing me good, oranges, apples, lemons, fish, fish in tins, frozen fish, if I eat any more I will grow fins!  I did manage to pump up the tyres on the bike and soon I will be trundling along on it.  The poor thing has lain still so long it is filthy.  I should clean it first but canny be bothered!  It will work, I hope.

I have the eye of the tiger, the heart of a lion, and a lifetime ban from the zoo.

I ignored the media today for the most part.  Too much propaganda, too much for my brain especially as I had so much that I wasn't doing!  Some got done by the simple means of not trawling through the press to comment on English dickheads sayings.  I even cleaned the sink!  It is a white colour right enough! Tomorrow I will report to the museum, possibly take the laptop to finish what I am writing and spend the rest of the day putting David Cameron clones in their place.  



Jenny Woolf said...

Love the cartoon and toilet lock! and you're right about those snacks. What a rip off.

Lee said...

Wow! You've finally admitted women are very smart; very clever. You compared them to computers or vice versa. Was that an unconscious slip-up, Mr. Ad-Man! ;)

Just stick to your fresh fruit as well as unsweetened frozen berries of various varieties.

Lady Di Tn said...

Dried fruit is not a healthy snack. I would suggest buying more than you can eat of berries and grapes and then freeze them. Being frozen increases the density so you feel as if you are eating more than you actual are eating.
I prefer to compare a computer with a cat as you NEVER know what a cat will do. I had a good laugh at the cartoon at the bottom plus how you referred to the English. LOL Peace

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

How many times will you be able to slip across the border to vote tomorrow before getting caught? Oh, and will you be wearing your pink panther disguise again? It worked quite well for as long as it did the last time--did it not? On the other hand, going as a Pict warrior during Roman times might not attract as much attention.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, Lovely snacks but you must check them carefully.

Lee, What? Where? Some mistake surely?

Lady, good job you canny here how I usually refer to the English around here!

Jerry, Picts are not Scots. But I sit here in my Braveheart outfit typing away.