Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I headed off to the museum to work this morning full of the joys of sleep!Here I was, trudging slowly down the road while on a normal day I could be heading back to bed, life is so unfair!  The school holidays are upon us so we run little activities which many regularly attend.  So today we had eighteen names down on the list, plus mums or grans, and about a thousand appeared to be in the building!  It was good of course, they all enjoyed it, they always do, a  chocolate egg was presented to those who had correctly filled out the quiz form, none failed when I do it, and a general peace fell over the building after they all departed.  
Of course the early day is always a hassle.  Nothing is in the right place, no money in the till and people at the door!  Once the kids arrive, wee Jack always first, there is the name checking, payments, details etc and the form for a quiz type trail to give out.  Naturally the openings for mistakes, confusion and the occasion pain in the whatsit occur.  I coped well, by passing the problems to others! 

The best part was the couple from Illinois.  Her mum had lived along the road from the museum, which was then a school which she attended.  By 1939 she was 18 and soon the place was full of US servicemen and the uniform, she said, attracted her.  Hmmm, not the chocolate, chewing gum and nylons then?  She married one and hopped off to the States.  Strange to say her home there was less modern than the one here.  Outside loos, something she did not have here, revealed the difference between real life and Hollywood movies.  They survived, worked hard and brought up a family. Reminded me a bit of my own folks. Good couple who's few days here have seen them return with a few souvenirs and several hundred photos!  Foolishly I forgot to take one of them or obtain their name. Idiot! They were great representatives of America!  That's what the place is for I say, people like them, and that is why I like it. Not forgetting the amount of chocolate I also obtained today.....

We have chickens in the shop, small fluffy things, bouncing eggs, cards, and other Easter paraphernalia, nothing about Jesus right enough.....



Lee said...

Yes...it's a shame you didn't get a photo of that couple along with their names. It's great to get some background history like that from people who have a link to the place and area.

A nice post, Adullamite.

Carol in Cairns said...

Nice to hear about your day Aman. School holidays here too. And chocolate galore on the shelves. Of course they have been baking hot cross buns since Boxing Day ~ all in the name of consumer demand.

Is that your bike old chap?

the fly in the web said...

At a guess you were so involved in helping the lady from the U.S.A. that it never occurred to you to take her name.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

After seeing just how comfortable the seat on that bicycle looks, it certainly explains why you are so often in such a foul mood. (How was that as a representative of America?)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Indeed, but there will be many more.

Carol, That's slow, they were selling hot cross buns before Christmas here!
Can I point out that is NOT my bike! You will notice the brake is broken if you look close.

Fly, Of course, or just stupid!

Jerry, The nice couple did indicate folks from the south were not as nice as they!