Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday Tattle

As you can see it was another day of hustle and bustle around the town.  I am not altogether to clear as to whether these are heading for Mr Butcher or being used to cut the grass on rich folks lawns.  I do know the man standing at the side almost out of the picture is worrying the sheep, he keeps repeating "Mint sauce, mint sauce."
Lamb chops are far from my plate today.  Having been at the museum I was not in the mood for hard work by the time I returned home.  All that tea drinking was tiring me out!  Then there was the usual confusion in the morning regarding the kids, who all appeared happy.  Not clear if the boys who arrived were too keen on creating Easter Bonnets mind.  We now go through the long process of replacing the lass who left recently.  Do they keep the capable and popular girl who has been doing the job competently, and in a very organised manner since then, or do they employ someone who fits their image conscious minds?  The secrecy, the whispering, the needless time wasted would not go down well in certain other organisations I have known. Especially those with only a few staff and a capable management.  Be 'up front,' state your case and get on with it.  Not like that here it appears.  

However I limped home and returned to what I do best, I fell asleep.  I have now discovered seven people who died during the war, civilians all, and am struggling to know their stories.  How silly all this is, yet how interesting to piece things together.  Just along the road from me one February Saturday night in 1941 a German plane dropped a few bombs.  Three died, on 13 year old in a house and one unlucky 19 year old lassie who was passing at the time, probably hurriedly!  Many were hurt, garage destroyed, houses badly damaged and now a Sainsburys car park fills the space left!  A sad but not uncommon story that I wished to know for some time and discovered quite by accident.

I occurred to me that I forgot to add yesterday that while I sat pondering in the quiet, deserted cemetery, enjoying the sun, silence and passing birds fluttering by, a cat appeared out of the undergrowth.  It stared towards the large fir tree from where finches sang out to the world.  He did not notice me behind him as I watched his antics, I called and he turned and stared wide eyed, almost as if he had seen a ghost!  I thought for a minute I could hear his heart beating, pumping away to the dozen, but it was more probably mine still recovering from the bike ride downhill!  I noticed a large pigeon fly overhead and when I looked back the cat had disappeared. I hope he has recovered.  


Lee said...

You may not be able to have a cat as a pet, Adullamite, but it would seem you have a couple of them as your friends...hmmmm...maybe stalkers! At least you have the joy of watching their antics from afar while they do likewise of you. :)

A week from this Friday, Good Friday, is our Anzac Day; the day we commemorate men and women of our Armed Forces. Our Kiwi mates across the ditch do similarly.

Anzac Day originated from the Gallipoli tragic fiasco; and each year on 25th April we honour, not only the fallen, but all who fought in conflicts throughout the years.

Oh! Yum! Now I feel like some roast lamb or lamb chops with lashings of freshly-made mint sauce!!

the fly in the web said...

On the subject of the appointment some very un PC thoughts rise to mind....why is it that when you have somebody capable of doing the job in place you have to go through the rigmarole of jumping through hoops to get someone who fits a PC mould...

Kay G. said...

Hmmm... I am thinking, that last bit with the cat...you should really write a book. Just saying.
I give a lot of advice but smart people listen to me.
Somehow a car park where the people died is...well, I know they have to go somewhere, but it seems something should be done, don't you think?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Alas, I have never had roast lamb with mint sauce. Could that be what is wrong with me?

By the way, did you hear about the idiot, who purposely left a backpack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday? Methinks he had to have been British. For I cannot imagine an American being so stupid.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I have noticed cats giving me strange looks as I pass right enough.

Fly, I think they wish a 'council' type mould. That is someone who tells people nothing, does deals behind backs, fits with the 'right people,' and is nothing like me.

Kay, Right a book about cats? Me ow?

Jerry, Indeed something is wrong with you....
The backpack story I glimpsed but little else has been said. Was it deliberate? A wee bit daft.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Yeah, it sure seems deliberate. For the idiot supposedly packed the backpack with confetti as a hoax, but with our news reporting being as it far too often is these days, it all may be a made up deal.