Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bread, Bacon, Cheese and tea.

That was what I had for breakfast after I toiled up the old railway for another heart attack exercise time.  The problem with strenuous effort is that the hulking body that causes women to stop and stare requires fuel.  Now I had actually gulped down a fried egg sandwich before I left at six this morning, well 7:30 after I ate breakfast, but once I returned and walked to the shop for fresh bread I got tempted by the grub on offer.  

I have lived here 18 years now and still cannot get over the delight of passing green fields, country views, blue skies and the wide open spaces found outside the town.  Sometimes I wonder how and why we live in cities?  When the air is warmish and the beasties abound the mind is refreshed from all the gunk poured into it during the day.  

I returned to the gunk myself and continued searching for dead soldiers.  While interesting it drives my mind round the bend.  Happily I am on to something different tomorrow.  Life changes at Easter.  The kids swarm around the streets in packs, the girls with their noses in the air and their hair in a bun Victorian style, the boys trendy as always and as intelligent as a packet of peanuts!  

Is that house looking at me?
The politicians have taken the two weeks off to fiddle their expenses and travel the world on jollies! This means we will have less serious news, apart from the obsession with that South African murder trial, and the plane lost at sea.  The media forced to stay at home will be desperately searching for anything that will fill space no matter how insipid.  Hmmm maybe I ought to make a splash somewhere!  

Look, bunnies!  As I passed I noticed lots of bunnies making the most of the dew on the grass to have their version of bacon sandwiches.  This is not always a good thing as many farmers creep around at this time with shotgun in hand.  I heard several bangs this morning as I meandered along, young crops do not require rabbits says Farmer Jones!  Sad in some ways but if they are not culled they will destroy the farmers livelihood.  There were masses of them out today. As I wandered past the eggs, small eggs, packets of eggs, fluffy chickens a chocolate bunnies I wondered what has this to do with Easter? Even the 'Easter cards' had little about Jesus, indeed nothing but a flowery cross was on show, yet this is Easter, without him rising from the dead we would not be wasting money on all this chocolate!  Why are shops scared to say so?

I kept hearing the 'Beach Boys' song 'Country Air' as I pulled muscles all over my body.  It suits this place better than sandy Californian beaches I guess.  Not that I have seen the sandy Californian beaches, I did once see the shore at Southend however.  I breathed fresh air, listened to little birds chirp, almost fell over a dog or two and decided bacon for breakfast tomorrow and let the bike rest, it needs it.   


Lee said...

City living is not for me these days; and it's been this way for quite some time. I don't even drive down to the Gold Coast,which is about 30 minutes away because I can't stand the madding crowd...the hustle and bustle. I'll leave that to everyone else...I like the peaceful village-like, country-style attitude of here where I live.

When I was a child the Easter Bunny was no where to be seen. We had the Easter Bird, which to me is a far more logical deliverer of eggs, chocolate or otherwise. Easter eggs all those years ago...and there are many...were mainly those of the colourful sugar variety.

the fly in the web said...

One of the bantams hatched a solitary chick yesterday..unfortunately the stupid bird left the rest of the eggs which would have hatched today...I shall rename her Cameron....

Adullamite said...

Lee, We only hard hard boiled eggs, painted by us, and rolled down hills in the park for reasons I never understood. We did it anyway!

Fly, Oh poor bantam! One chick that will be well looked after I reckon, congratulations!

Carol in Cairns said...

Great post Adullaman.

Brighton Pensioner said...

That top picture is brilliant.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Just in case you were curious, rabbit tastes like rabbit.

Adullamite said...

Carol, I always saw you as a woman of taste and discernment.

BP, Thank you! I must admit I like it too.

Jerry, Actually I was not curious, and could not eat such a sweet little fluffy bunny! Could anyone with a heart do this? Actually I think the Romans introduced them as a supply of meat but may be wrong there.

Mo said...

I'm clearly a barbarian I love a tasty bunny (and not just the chocolate ones)

Adullamite said...

Mo, Clearly a barbarian!!!!

Relax Max said...

I think you are correct about the Romans introducing the rabbits. "Beatrix, may I present Peter Rabbit. He is a vegetarian." Only they said these words in Latin.

As it happened, they weren't introduced as a source of meat. No, the history books tell us the rabbits were a source of cruel entertainment. The Roman soldiers were very much into Friday rabbit fighting -- similar to modern cock-fighting (except for the little leather gloves) or the fine British tradition of bear baiting, from whence evolved the English bulldog, with an overbite suitable for bear nose hanging. So they say. Similar to the dingo-kangaroo baiting so popular in Australia. Lee can probably shed more light on that.

Anyway, many of the fighting rabbits were quite fierce indeed and were referred to by their Roman handlers as "bad rabbits." And so they must have been.

Incidentally, that is also the origin of the adage, "Friday is often a bad hare day."

Adullamite said...

Beatrix killed her pet rabbit, had it stuffed, then used it as a model for the pictures in her book.