Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Misty Morn

As I headed off to the museum this morning I was impressed by the mist.  The rising sun was beginning to show through and as I walked I took this shot. From the museum shop I watched the sun attempt to warm the land, and fail!  This is what the weatherman calls 'mild!  
However the day was good, customers wandered in to browse, ask for the charity cards that we don't sell, and wander out again.  I had three of them at once at one point!  Would they look around the shop before disappearing, no! Bah!  It was interesting to note the male customers hung about the many kids toys longer than the lassies did.  
As I fiddled the prices about sticking new barcodes on goods a gent arrived looking for a picture. Now this was good and within a mere hour I had obtained the pictures from our extensive range, filled in the form for him and sent him home happy.  To discuss his memories is for me what the place is all about, especially when he pays lots of money!  If local people cannot revive memories a museum is of no use to them.  If kids cannot learn what has gone before it is wasting time.  If this one does not keep me off the streets then I will be on here more than I am, and you don't want that do you!  Actually I have been dragged into returning to the museum on Thursday.  I like to think this is because of my bedside manner with the customers, it may be we are just short of volunteers....

Now I mention it charity cards sell very well but how much actually goes to the charity involved? The lass that runs the sale in the town ensures all the money collected is sent on but how much actually gets to the people at the sharp end? Each charity will spend the cash in relevant ways but to be honest I am becoming rather wary of some charity organisations.  More appears to be spent on staff, especially fund raising staff, than anything else.  After the disaster in Haiti millions were sent there, much of this from the USA, yet 200,000 still have no homes!  New vehicles, expensive hotels for staff and charities still 'working' there yet little appears to benefit the people!  I used to support one charity, which pays the big boss much less than others do, as I am sure the money was well spent, I am no longer sure about others.  The news has just mentioned 'Comic Relief' and how their money is used or abused.  Such money invested in many cigarette companies is totally unacceptable to me!  
What sayest thou, mush?


Mo said...

Aah this is a tricky one. Do you not contribute to the charity and the people get even less or do you accept that a lot of the money goes on overheads. The other alternative is to be involved in the charity yourself and try and influence the amount of money that goes to the charity. I really don't know. I've done a little of each. If you find a better way do let me know.

Carol In Cairns said...

I would have stayed and looked around the shop Adullaman. Nice misty morn ~ they usually turn into nice warm days.

the fly in the web said...

I try to put my money as close to a needy mouth as possible - where an organisation is as volunteer staffed as possible.

I saw the rise of charity jobs as a form of outdoor relief for the children of the middle class starting in the seventies and it has only become more of an abuse since.

I enjoyed the photograph.

Lee said...

One can't help but wonder how much money the charities do end up getting.

I love misty mornings. It's clouded over here today...showers predicted to be followed by storms over the next few days.

So I got smart for a change...and did a few loads of washing yesterday and yesterday's yesterday!

Brighton Pensioner said...

Among the most effective charities are the local Lions Clubs. very penny they raise is used for charitable purposes - except for such unavoidable expenses as bank charges etc. Check them out at http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/index.php
or - for the UK - at http://www.lionsmd105.org/

Adullamite said...

Mo, It's very difficult, and I am wary of some of the bigger charities these days. Tear Fund I know worked through people on the ground but the larger ones appear to be somewhat slovenly on the ground.

Carol, You silly lass, nice warm days in Queensland yes, not here. I am sitting over a candle keeping warm as I type!

Fly, Such middle class children are the ones bouncing about the streets for various charities today, until they realise the thousand pound a week wage will not materialise.

Lee, Storms, in Queensland? You mean a bit of a cloud onthe horizon surely?

BP, Yes indeed, as Fly said, local volunteers are often the best!

Lee said...

If you don't remove your tongue from your cheek, Adullamite...one of these days you'll swallow it! ;)

Adullamite said...

Lee, Que????