Monday, 16 December 2013

Dreich Day All Round

What a dreich day!  The sky remained gray, often filled with rain, and I wondered about between showers avoiding puddles in case the shoes leaked, they still managed it mind.  The highlight was jumping on the free bus to Freeport and buying two T-shirts that might fit!  I have had enormous trouble finding such garments that not only fit but do not shrink after the first wash. The charity shop is pleased with my buying so far this year.  These items are all made in the far east, usually China or Bangladesh these days, and the Chinese, mostly wee folk about 5 foot 3 inches tall appear fooled into thinking that what they call 'XL' is actually large.  Sadly to me it is more like what we call 'M' and that is before it is washed and shrinks to just above 'S.'  Just who decided asking Lilliputians to make clothing for fat folks better built people was a good idea I ask?  Tsk! These two T-shirts have been made by underpaid employees in a Sri Lankan sweatshop and at first sight fit well.  This means they will be down to 'L' by the first wash and probably 'M' by the second! Grrrrrrr!  Good job they were at a reduced price....
Now I think of it I buy jeans from Tesco, I no longer buy their shrinking T-shirts, and even though I buy the same size jeans each time each pair is slightly different!  The Rupees the Bangladeshi makes from this sale (£6) will not do much for her I guess.  

Nothing else happened. No news worth mentioning, no cards or presents fell through the door, no invites to parties or grub, nothing happened yet again! The kids will be off school now, standing at the windows looking for a fat man on a sleigh, not that you will see him fro the gray clouds above. The mums and dads will be looking also, at the next Credit Card bill when it arrives.  Many's a light will be turned off in those houses next month!  The media will be glad there is no real news, just the usual murder, corruption et al, and they newsrooms can relax and discuss their trips to South Africa, show the family their pictures and chat about the people they met.  The fiddling of expenses will be done later.  The football pages rejoice that they have removed the Spurs manager, one thing they have attempted since the season began, and are now looking towards West ham where the man in charge and his results will be the next to be put under the microscope, discussed (ignorantly for the most part) and his boss pressurised to sack him to give the press a story to fill their pages. Now I am not being cynical here, but they are!  
This is however the last week for a Christmas shop.  Panic buying will set in, men obtaining those frilly negligee's for their wives (returned and replaced with flannelette ones the week after Christmas), children will be demanding expensive goods not available in a any local shop, mums planning the dinner (as they ought) and some greedy shopkeepers rubbing their hands with glee while sympathising with their customers.  Soon be all over and Valentines cards will replace the Christmas ones and Easter eggs appear in the shops.
Mind you I like the eggs...
Life goes on however, whatever we fuss about.  The birds nestling in the wind shaken treetop care little for our concerns.  The face the wind as it howls towards them wishing the leaves had remained a little longer.  Our trials mean nothing up in that tree, life continues as it always has up there.



Carol In Cairns said...

Yes ~ I would hate to be one of those birds. I wonder why they sit up so high and are exposed to the elements? You think they would find some kind of shelter and perch lower to the ground. Great silhouette.

Lee said...

No panic buying going on here, not by me, anyway. I was going to go and do some grocery shopping today, but now I'm in a bit of panic, not over shopping, but from a deal of discomfort I'm presently feeling.

I pulled a damn muscle somehow or other, when doing something or other yesterday.

So until it settles itself down, I can't be bother going anywhere or doing anything!

So that is that! Bah! Humbug!

Lee said...

Yeeehaaaa! The Urn has been returned to us! The Aussies won The Ashes....Three to Nil!!!!!!! Good on them!

Just in case you missed the news, Adullamite! ;)

Adullamite said...

Carol, Pigeons roost high for protection, but why they sit in the open does not make sense to me. The rain fair teemed down last night and they just suffer it.

Lee, Overdoing it is not good, sit around with the wine bottle....oh you were doing that, oh!

Lee, Urn? Is it a Greek one?

Lee said...

Yep! That's how I got my tennis elbow; even though I tell everyone it's from playing tennis!!

It just teaches you to never believe everything you're told! Hic!