Friday, 14 December 2012

Rotten Rain

Trapped by pouring rain today.  Snow, wind, ice, igloos and passing Eskimos, now rain!  Bah!
Still, I managed to finally almost get my Christmas dinner sorted.  I think I will be at sun drenched Bournemouth from next Sunday for a week.  I have not been there for several years and am looking forward to this.  On the other hand I am not used to being with people all day everyday and this will be a strain.  Also the laptop will not work as they are on a different ISP.  This means there is a distinct possibility I may go mad!  Of course I will save money on electricity and gas, and waste it on travel, them, and whatever I find to waste it on.  How will you cope without me? What?........oh!

A chap has appeared on TV playing Chopin's 'Etudes,' whatever they are.  This is something similar and the intelligentsia among you will appreciate this.




Unknown said...

May go mad?

Lee said...

Being one who enjoys her own privacy, space and company, I feel for you Adullamite...I hate being amongst people all day, every day...I hate being amongst people for half a day...I hate being amongst them for quarter of a day!

I think you should take those etudes with you; and earphones; then while you're amongst others play the them softly. In the meanwhile just keep smiling, nodding and shaking your head when you think the moment might be appropriate for such acknowledgements. Those around you may not know the difference - they'll probably be wrapped up in what they're saying, anyway!

Does my sage advice help you any? ;)

Beautiful music by the would relax and calm the most frazzled soul.

Relax Max said...

There's no rain like rotten rain. If it rains in Denmark, then something's rotten in Denmark.

Spending the winter in the mountains of NM would cure you of your anti British winter attitude. And I would love to see it.

Even I know what an etude is.

A. said...

There's a sea view in Bournemouth. Enjoy. :)

Adullamite said...

Jerry, Wheesht!

Lee, The music is good.

Max, Etude? You think Chopin has to do with lumberjacks.

A, I'm gasping for that already!