Monday, 3 December 2012

Maudlin Monday

The weather forecast threatened snow but as always it lied!  The snow stayed where it belonged, up north!  Let the Yorkists and the Scots keep what belongs to them - bad weather!  Instead we here in the soft south endured cold, cold rain.  As I crossed the almost deserted park it was indeed dreich.  The rain was coming straight down as I crossed, heavy shopping in hand.  In spite of the lass on the TV claimed it had, "Passed into the North Sea."  Liar!  It passed down my neck girl!  At least there has been no need to keep the heating on today although I did retire to bed for a while to keep warm - just in case.

This bint is filling the news again.  For the next few months we will be fed a daily diet of babies, her health, photographs, speculation, nancy boy 'Royal Correspondents,' boring women informing the world of their opinions on the child, and ceaseless comparisons to Diana from the media.  The sad women who lived their lives through Diana, and now do so through this girl, will be on every radio phone in, every page of the 'Daily Mail,' and the other tabloids.  All the tabloids will be printing those well prepared 'specials' that have been sitting on their PCs waiting to go since the day she married wealth and fame.  I am tempted to point out that the Tories attack the unemployed who have too many children they cannot afford so how about this pair?  They live on benefits (his RAF wage will not pay his way), claiming handouts from the taxes we pay, and doing nothing for society but sell dumbed down papers.  Should we insist she gets a job?  The child will probably be given a Chav name anyway.....



A. said...

Et tu Brute! I've just had to turn the news off when they said - again - "and now to our main news this evening...". How can that be the main news?

It won't be for the next few months, it will be endless until another royal baby makes an appearance.

Jenny Woolf said...

Like I said below, I am sorry for her but I cannot stand the idea either of everyone going on about it for 9 months (if not FOREVER)

Kay G. said...

They have been "actively trying" for a baby, I have read. Before they must have been "inactively trying"!
I once saw Princess Diana, she was in her little blue car driving very fast into Buckingham Palace, driving herself, but she had to slow down to turn. She looked right at me, and she looked a bit annoyed, to be honest. (This was the day Andrew & Fergie announced their engagement.) Here's the thing, she really was a beautiful woman, really very lovely, even if she looked a bit peeved!

Lee said...

Yep! The tabloids and magazines are rubbing their hands together in greedy expectancy (pun intended)...we'll be inundated with stories...after a year of speculation, it's all happening!

They won't leave it alone...I hopelessly wish they would.

But, in all of that...I wish Kate well and hope she has a healthy baby at the end of it all.

Adullamite said...

A, I'm afraid to look at the papers.

Adullamite said...

Jenny, I agree. I'm sorry but your other post has disappeared! I canny find it, sorry. But I agree anyway!

Kay, He has been inactively trying every time he came home.

Lee, Indeed them I can cope with, it's the fawning media and followers that make me despair.