Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Robin Hood?

This mornings 'Scotsman' featured one of the more important stories found in the papers today. The 'Tesco Express' shop in Inverness has been attacked by an intruder.  This Robin has decided to keep warm and find supper by entering the store to choose a few morsels.  Not only does he fly around the checkouts and loiter in the store he has encouraged a pigeon to do likewise!  This of course causes a health hazard and the 24 hour opening has been interrupted by closure of the store at eleven each night as the staff attempt to chase the birds out.

Not only is this happening to Tesco this December it also happened to another 'Tesco Express' last year also in Inverness.  On that occasion the robin, possibly the same one, entered the cafe and took tidbits from customers.  Another health hazard but also popular as you can imagine.  Some folks have birds in their garden, not that I'm naming names, others have to visit the park or wander into Tesco's in Inverness!  Mind you with the snow all around up there I'm with the birds, it's better indoors than out!



Lee said...

Go the birds! Go Robin!! I'm on your side! ;)

Caroline said...

Smart bird (s)

soubriquet said...

With a little sage and onion stuffing, it might make a tasty snack.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Yes indeed. Love them!

Caroline, There used to be a seagull who was filmed stealing bags of crisps from a newsagents!

Soub, "Giggle"

Caroline said...

I am not a fan of seagulls, they used to swoop down and try to steal my lunch when I was at school.
They still give me the heebie geebies.

Adullamite said...

Caroline, Feeding seagulls is now banned in some seaside towns because of their attacks.