Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Murky Dawn


Well not quite dawn actually.  I just liked the sun attempting to force its way through the cloud cover this morning. The old fountain with the old bird on it came out quite well there.  I am not getting many pics these days, a walk around town soon uses up all the options, and in recent times I have suffered an almighty lethargy, in the head and in the poor wizened body that I hulk around.  Any attempt to get moving soon falls flat.  Woe is me.



Relax Max said...

Wonderful shot of Nelson's thingy in Trafalgar Square. I love it. This hanging around the Brits is finally paying off for me. Few Americans would recognize that.

Now I'm off to read the words under your picture.

FishHawk said...

I'll trade your weather for ours. It reached 108 here yesterday, which is 42 in Celsius. Okay, it was a rather dry heat for this area. For the relative humidity was only around 29%, which is the lowest I can ever recall. In fact, I would have put good money up that it never gets below 60% around here, and most of the time, it is well above 80%, which is like simmering in a slow cooker when the temp get above 80/27. In earlier days, extreme heat and extreme cold didn't effect me much. It is different now.

A. said...

I thought you meant it was a real bird. Great picture with the clouds and light.

I know what you mean about the options being used up. But what's same old, same old, to you may not be to us.

Adullamite said...

Max, I, er...

Fish, Typical Brit summer. Sun, warmth, rain, thunder all either one a day or all in together.

A, so true. I must find something boring, oh, today I have!