Tuesday, 16 August 2011



Yesterday, as I hurried along to the meeting place, I noticed this house, with the sun shining on it, and was impressed by the design, if indeed there was a deliberate design as opposed to a builder just 'throwing one up. Victorian builders just built houses according to the way they were taught, probably from their fathers, and rarely used architects.  This one looked better with the sun on it and today the gray skies left it a wee bit depressed with itself. However there are some interesting aspects to the building.

This corner house must have cost a packet in its day!  This home is quite large, has bay windows and a turret!  Fantastic property when built, and a credit to whoever erected the thing.  I suspect however this one had some kind of architect involved. This is much to 'out of the ordinary' for the everyday builder. 

I am contacting the Office of Fair Trading about this.  It says 'Free Withdrawals,' yet when I withdrew thousand of pounds from it the bank demanded I hand it back. Something about using your own account they yelled. It does not make that clear I say. 

Another lovely turret, this time on a school entrance.  Those Victorians, or would this be Edwardian perhaps, knew how to build schools. I could not get near enough to get a shot of the sign above the doors, 'Girls' over one, and 'Boys' over another. Actually I could see the 'Girls' sign but not the 'Boys' one.  Now I notice it is under the turret! The foolishness of insisting the sexes mix all the time is a bad thing in my opinion. At our school they kids played separately and this had many advantages for all. Ideology has damaged much in education. Some things boys learn better together, some things girls learn that way.

Look!  Another railway picture! Great isn't it?  Oh really, well that's your trouble, your just a woman!  Real men would see this as an inspiration, a challenge and an opportunity!  The line brings a train load of who knows what to us, while the other line takes us into a new life maybe, or possibly the buffers of course.  I have been there already!

Even better! High above, well not that high actually, stands the frame carrying the electric powerline for the trains. I thought it made an interesting image, with the steadily moving gray clouds as backdrop. The occasional blue flash, especially when the non stopping express service flew past at 80 or so miles an hour, was missed by my camera. 

What a lovely day again. Another day trip, another good half hour, another enjoyable train journey.  Even waiting was enjoyable today.  I suppose it was the variety from my routine that did that.  Now of course my routine is out of order and I will have to spend all tomorrow attempting to find where I am.  Ah well.
And so to bed......



Relax Max said...

Architecture simply amazing. Railroad tracks long. Electricity scary. Sky dark and brooding. This must be England. land of truth and justice.

A. said...

The top house still has its original stained glass by the look of it. I really like the big corner house because it must be so interesting inside. Not exactly square box construction. The tumble dryer outlet in the window on the left probably means the house has been converted into flats.

red dirt girl said...

I love architectural details and find so many of your 'ordinary' buildings lovely and interesting. And i'm quite partial to railways, being a woman of course... they can be soooo romantic :)


Anonymous said...

Max, don't me started...a land policed "through consent of communities." What the *^&%$ does that mean?

Adullamite said...

Max, This is the land of the free!

A, The old house does appear to have original glass, the door has lovely glass, when cleaned!
The corner house is likely to be flats, if you can afford the price you can move to a quieter spot, not on a busy road.

RDG, What a lass, romance on the railway? I tried yesterday for some but the guard threatened to throw me off!

Leaz, US education is so poor!

Anonymous said...

I'll let your deflection stand as your shame for being led by such indefensible nonsense.