Monday, 2 November 2009

Monday Evening

I discovered around lunchtime yesterday that it is now November. One day Autumn was changing the colour of the leaves, although not as much as this picture has, they ought to be bright yellow not sullen brown, and yesterday the rain came! It was so bad that Dundee United had to abandon their game at half time! Now that doesn't happen that often these days. The weather was not so bad here, it stopped raining occasionally, but winter has set in. This of course gladdens the hearts of those greedy utility company folk. The electric and gas people will be rejoicing like a banker who has found a fifty pence piece, and already there are grave noises about price increases. While it is true Russia increases the prices there is no doubt who makes most profit. Still, mustn't grumble I say, just rejoice and get on with it like I always do. I'm not one to complain you know.

Our good friend Rob at Mulled Vine has been doing some writing recently, this in spite of the three females in the house and a job to do! His completed work, in the form of a diary, has drawn admirers to him like pretty young girls around a rich, senile old man (no not me, the four letter word shows that is not likely to be me!). Read this and see if you can do anything for this talented writer. He does not want to be rich, just 'comfortable.'


Mulled Vine said...

Thanks Graham, you're a diamond in the rough, sir, and my original source of inspiration for old Aaron.

Strawberry Girl said...

Interesting pictures Graham, I'm going to check out his spot now... :)

Adullamite said...

MV. Me, the inspiration? I don't understand.

SG, Check him out lass.

Mulled Vine said...

I thought of you alone in a room reflecting on life as you do, and wondered what I would be like in that situation; and Aaron was born.