Thursday, 2 April 2009


Sympathy is in short supply here. I have been banned from commenting on my recent life threatening sickness. Several folks have gone out of their way to gently yell "We don't care,' or 'Shut up and die,' for reasons unknown to me. I can hardly speak as my voice croaks so much anyway. However I made it outside into the cold sunshine today. Once again I was amazed at the Englishman's inability to note the difference between warmth and cold. He notices the sun is shining, puts on the T-shirt (with "I'm with stupid" on the front) the sun glasses and in one case the shorts, and wanders out to find the sun is indeed shining, the sky is indeed blue, yet the temperature is freezing! However the Englishman wanders about not noticing this until the doctor informs his relatives it was pneumonia that finished him off.

This job hunting business is a laugh. I went for the job in the dole office months ago. Eventually I had an assessment. This led to an interview, much later. Nothing happened! The other day I received a reply informing me I am on the 'waiting list' and please fill out even more forms thanks. This is the second, and almost the third month of this. I have been told to just send them a roll of red tape! On top of this the paperwork is being done in Newcastle, the CRB form (to check for criminal convictions) is a 'Scottish' one and other requests are for details I have already given- I think. And you wonder why the civil service is considered slow?

However the electric folk are reducing my charges. I did not work out by how much, that is beyond my maths, but the gas folk put the price up by 70% or so, then generously reduced it much later, and in summer, by 32%. I suspect this will be similar, but not so generous. It is also Spring and the price will move up in October, as usual.

Good job I am not one to complain......


FishHawk said...

Have you considered applying for a position as a publicist for the well-spoken Mr. Beckham? If no such position is currently available, perhaps his wife would be in need of a baggage handler?

Adullamite said...

Beckham? Uuuurgh!
Once a footballer who married a stick insect and became an image!
Proof that being dumb does not stop money rolling in!

King's Kid said...

Hello Graham,

It is good to be "not one to complain......", because you know that it could be worse.

Peace and blessings to you, in Jesus' name. Amen