Saturday, 3 January 2009

How to be an Idiot No 78

So I rushed round the supermarket looking for the special offers. I read all the blogs first thing, although the time difference is a nuisance here,and took pics of myself to send to a friend. That will stop them sending me rude e-mails! Having done all I could I wandered around in the freezing sunshine in what I like to call,'Exercise mode.' Less kindly folks refer to this as 'Sloth.' Undeterred by such rudeness I came home in time for the big (football) game! Today the Heart of Midlothian were entertaining (why do they refer to it as that?) local rivals Hibernian. This is always a 'do or die' match. Life, for those living in the city, is unbearable for the losers. However, over the years since the first encounter, in 1875, the Heart of Midlothian have reigned supreme! By winning the vast majority of these confrontations the Hearts have obtained their rightful position as 'The big Team! Hibernian are known worldwide as 'The Wee Team' and with good reason!

However, I arrived home at two thirty to be greeted by the news that the result was Nil Nil! I was stunned! Nobody told me the game kicked of at twelve thirty! I read it was a three O' clock kick off!

I missed it! What an idiot!


Da Old Man said...

Oh no!!! You missed 3 hours of guys aimlessly running around in their shorts. But you still had time to watch some American football.

The TEFL Don said...

Graham, just imagine what its like when your team kicks off but there is a 7 hour time difference!

BTW we stuffed Man City!

FishHawk said...

Nothin' to nothin' after running around a field for over 90 minutes, counting stoppage time(???). Yeah, you really missed a lot.

Well, at least they get "style" points, and I hope your team shook their booties like no one has ever seen before. Surely they will rebroadcast that on ESPN or whatever you have up there in merry ol' Scotland.

By the way, is it true that Simon Cowell started out in the entertainment business as a soccer backfield judge? My wife and I really love seeing him do his thing on American Idol.

Adullamite said...

Do you really think a man such as I would watch any programme featuring Simon Cowell????

And it's FOOTBALL! They have even begun to play it in Nottingham again!
Naturally, a Scotsman is responsible :)

Mike Smith said...

You didn't miss much! Unlike Christian Nade who couldn't hit the proverbial barn door...

Anonymous said...

At nil-nil, I don't reckon you missed anything at all. If anyone were to complain about time differences and match times, I should be!

Say, pictures of yourself? When am I getting that email with an attached photo of you, or is a rude email a pre-requisite to receiving a pic? ;)

Marteen said...

Sorry to hear you missed your fixture dear. I could have told you it was an early kick-off because I heard the crowd roaring at about quarter past twelve when I opened the kitchen window to let the smoke from my cooking out!
Personally I prefer hockey. Twenty two fit, young, ladies chasing a ball about is a sight to behold. But that is another story!