Wednesday, 9 July 2008

BBC Breakfast TV

Maybe it's just me, but I have this daft notion that BBC Breakfast TV in the morning should be bringing us 'news!' I am happy when the ITV breakfast programme shoves tales of rape and hospital blunders, soap opera stars failed marriages and mediocre celebs lifestyles down our throat as I expect this from them and don't tune in. However I expect the best journalists in the world to be trailing the news that is happening world wide, not bringing us tales of rape, and hospitals, celebs and other puerile garbage! Yet it seems this is all we are capable of watching in the morning, or is it just that the 'public service broadcaster,' paid for by my licence fee, is concerned only with ratings and not 'news!'

For a long time now I have listened to the BBC World Service, not officially available in the UK, for proper news. Here we can be informed, properly, about what is going on in the world. I accept that even here they have dumbed down with far too many 'light' stories and the blight of the BBC, 'trailers!' However at least we can understand the world and have some clear idea of what is happening out there. Today the BBC business man is pretending he is an Air Traffic Controller, which is interesting in itself but has little to do with the business news. A wee girl, again, complaining about 'road rage,' and yet more stories about someones health problems! I'm sorry, I realise these are important at one level but I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! Sure they have a place, but the main news must be Iran and Israel playing at sabre rattling. I would have thought that the possibility of Israel attacking Iran slightly more important on the world stage than a lass being shouted at by a 'white van driver?' There is the possibility that one day Sian Williams (who I am happy to have do my ironing for me if she wishes) will announce a hold up in some maternity ward, a film star abusing staff at an airport, and a one line note on World War Three beginning, and unthinkingly add " and now the weather....."

I realise that the majority of the nation want dumb stuff, that is what ITV and Sky are for, but some of us want a bit more, as long as the like of Sian are on show anyway. Even there most women watching are just complaining (out of jealousy) about her outfit, not what she is saying.


Anonymous said...

I second that! The morning shows and even the half-hour news bulletins here are bad, bad, bad. At best they give a cursory report on what's happening in the world, and then switch to local news I yawn to.

Who cares about another minister spouting propaganda to justify the government imposing more taxes on us folks to make life barely livable?

Oh well, at least I'm glad that I no longer have TV. :)

1st Lady said...

Not really keen on the morning shows, and whenever I stop on them whilst channel surfing I never stop long. I've been watching The World At War since I got up this morning.

Da Old Man said...

Here in the USA, we have our morning news that is more accurately called infotainment.
At least, if the world ends, they'll cover it, right after checking up on Lindsey, Brittney, Paris, Madonna, and the sports wrapup.