Monday, 7 April 2008

Olympic Torch in London

This image from the Guardian is typical of what fills the papers this morning. The Police doing what they enjoy most, charging through the streets 'protecting' a target from attack. The Olympic Torch was taken on a 31 mile run through London streets as part of the lead up to the Games in China. Naturally those who are concerned about Chinese brutality in Tibet were going to be there protesting, as indeed were many Chinese students. The students probably under orders, the protesters from choice!

Whether the police action was heavy handed, as it so often is in such circumstances, or not you can decide, but was it right for the Torch to be taken this far when so many organised protesters were waiting? Was it right to give the Chinese such support? I don't think so. The Communist government, Communist in name only, are abusing Muslims in the north of China, Christians throughout China and anyone who dares to oppose the regime. Just because they are a large powerful nation does not give Gordon Brown the right to bow to their pressure and give them implicit support! When it was clear the Torch display would become a farce it should have been halted and a back up plan brought in. The Chinese consideration ought to have been pushed aside for the sake of the UK's image. This morning the image is one of farce!

One name stands out for me in this whole escapade. Dame Kelly Holmes. This women was given support by the while nation as she achieved Olympic gold, yet here she was yesterday, a smug grin on her face, carrying the torch through the streets. The grin was seen when answering questions about the tortured, imprisoned and indeed killed, Tibetans. 'I believe sport and politics should not be mixed she lied.' While what she really meant was, 'I don't care about the dead and imprisoned as long as I can run the race.' The disgraceful attitude of many athletes who attempt to separate sport from politics show they put their selfishness above the suffering of others. But business with China goes ahead I hear you say, indeed, so let's temporarily halt this, and make China sit up! But that would be too much for our economy would it not?

The UK is such a civilised country, always willing to stand up for the downtrodden and help those in need. As long as it does not cost us too much money or stops us enjoying our little pleasures. What will we sacrifice for the sake of others?


jake said...

Hijacking Olympic Games is not the right way to protest. Direct echos to what's on the front page without respect to the political heritage of a country and ample knowledge of history towards the issue itself is flatly imprudent. Your essay here is not constructive at all!

Adullamite said...

Jake, please do not comment if you are unwilling to make your own blog available.

Thank you.

jake said...

You should notified that only members were granted the chance to comment on yr blog. That just drew a contrast to the "freedom" you proclaimed in this essay. What happened to the seemingly far leftwing political stances you and other western media portraied?

Adullamite said...

Ah, I see now, one of the lemmings under orders from home to stand up for their masters.

As you ought to know, Blogs are for free expression of ideas, and as such if you post a comment it is important to enable people to see where you are coming from. This is 'freedom.' This makes it clear to all who you are and, after a look at your site, gives an idea of your opinions.

You, as a lackey of an oppressive, tyrannical regime, do not have a blog. You are 'just following orders,' are you not?

I am not 'far left' and the majority of UK news service happens to be 'right wing,' just like your masters.

I suggest you try being free yourself. Think your own thoughts and post them on your open blog. Or just open a 'take away' and be done with it, hmmmm?

jake said...

Throwing the "identity bomb" with slanderous preconception is a poor tactic. If you created yourself an illusion that every online-Chinese follows the orders of the Communist Government, it just sadly presented how ignorant and unreconstructive you are.

Adullamite said...


A Chinese Communist word if ever there was one!

Tell me Jake, do you all sit in a room together discussing the answers you get, or are you alone reading from a script, Hmmm?

Did you know about the Muslims in China who are harrased by the authorities for no reason? Or the thousands imprisoned for thinking about democracy, or maybe the Christians who worship their God and are jailed for it? You will not hear about such oppression on Nationa; Chinese radio and TV will you?

Reconstructive is a good word. It is worth asking yourself if you would like to be reconstructed Jake. Those Christians you may never have heard about are being reconstructed, and into a life worth living, in spite of the abuse by Communist authorities.

They have discovered that there is a God, and that this God loved them so much that in spite of the bad nature we all have, gave himself as a sacrifice on their behalf. He took all their corrupt nature, and the wrongs they have done and cleared the way to God by his death for them! They have discovered this Jesus to be alive and with them now! Mao tse Tongue and his men started the Communist revolution because they wanted a fairer world, and this failed because of their human nature. The same nature we all possess! Christians can begin to see a better life through Jesus and the ideals of a better world can be seen in the world around them when they follow their God Jesus.
Be free to think for yourself!

Try these, if they work :-

Anonymous said...

I'm Chinese in part, but never liked China. Thank goodness my ancestors on one side of the family had the presence of mind to leave that horrible place!