Saturday, 17 November 2007


Another 'glorious failure!' Once again Scotland come up against the best Europe has to offer and once again play at their level. Once again the fates decide against us, this time a last minute goal from a nonsensical free kick. Having missed a golden chance to take the lead, and knowing a draw was not good enough for us, we still suffered a needless loss, just to rub the 'glorious failure' in our noses.

Scotland have taken on the World Champions and forced them to play at their best to beat us, we have beaten the World Cup Runners Up, France, home and away. Throughout the tournament we have been regarded as no-hoper's, yet we again fail at the last. Some things never change! When we succeed in qualifying for tournaments we fail to the best by the odd goal or a 'hard luck' story. Never are we humiliated by the best, by the rest yes, the best, no! Once again the side that has given its all, made the nation hold their head high, left us knowing the future is bright, has gone out.
Life is not fair.

To make matters worse, Russia have lost in Israel, a side they should have beaten handsomely.
Why does this matter? Had Russia done their duty England would have gone out also. As it stands England have every chance of qualifying for Euro 2008! By Wednesday night we will know the sad truth. England, once again struggling in an easy group, will have succeeded where valiant Scotland have failed. Once again a feeble side will arrive at the tournament, their media, and indeed their public, claiming they are world beaters, believing in their hearts, in spite of all the evidence against them, that England are one of the worlds elite teams. NEVER! This is a lie!
Once again John Motson and his ilk will ignore the Scots who have fought to overcome the worlds best while England have used others to bring them success. Once again the gloating smarm that sickens decent people will be found shining like American evangelists from our screens. Once again facts will be ignored to enhance the 'greatness' of England and it football.
Sick is not a word to reflect the heartfelt emotions of decent football folk.


Obi-Sven-Kenobi said...

Tis true, you were robbed :(

redfinger said...

McFadden should have buried it!!! What a miss... Heads up Tartan army!

Mulled Vine said...

England still have to play Croatia, so fear not, all is not lost.

Terence McDanger said...

Gutted for Scotland. They're the only international side whose results I look out for after Ireland's. Dunno why, just do.

England's usual jamminess didn't surprise me in the least, I'm so used to those gits struggling in weak groups as you say but somehow always managing to wriggle through, I never for a minute expected them not to make it.

And you're so right about their media talking out their backsides, such a torture we'll have to endure!!!