Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Now I am not one to complain

however, if I were I could soon find reason to complain about the Tabloid press! These papers, which outsell anything that masquerades as journalism, seem to be a law unto themselves. The lowest common denominator appears to be what they aim for. Facts are either ignored or, more often, twisted to fit the sensational or sentimental. We are to be either shocked at a dangerous criminal or a celebrities love life, or we must sentimentalise and gush over a sickly sweet story. Both are of course taken out of context and their importance exaggerated greatly.

While they claim to cover 'News' and 'Sport,' what they actually mean is 'sensation' and 'scandal,' whether in the news or sporting worlds! In the end within such papers sex is the most important element. If not semi nude women, and they are all right in their place, it is a celeb, often one you have never heard off, discussing ditching their partner or partners. Sex is prominent in ‘problem pages’ and even the adverts, and all women photographed must be as exposed as possible, usually willingly it must be said.

That begs the question who is using who? Do celebs use the media for publicity, yes indeed, and do the media use them because there is a large number of folk out there who want to read about celebs, especially the bad ones? Of course there is and all parers, even the so called ‘quality’ press, write what their readers wish to see. It was ever thus.

People are often hounded by the ‘Tabloid journalist’ types, sometimes wrongly accused, and certainly abused by them. Should this be so? There is a place for free speech and press freedom but surely the media, and tabloids especially, go well beyond the justified investigation required. Nothing seems able to stop their prying. Governments are scared of them, especially the ‘Daily Mail’ and the ‘Sun.’ The courts cannot protect as legal aid is refused for libel cases, and the pressure put upon those opposing the press is tremendous. What does it say about a society that is happy to allow such media free reign? It means we want to stick our noses into others lives, we want to see someone write what we think, whether justified or not, and we want to read about meaningless ‘B’ celebrities and their love lives. In short, an empty people needing something to fill our lives.

I hate tabloids and all they stand for. They use and abuse the people found inside, and the reader also abuses in the same manner. The reader is dehumanised as they read and the ‘reporter’ loses his decency as he cynically uses those around him. Who wins? Short term finance for the producer and shorter term thrill for the reader. Both soon fade and only emptiness remains. Human nature is exposed by a glance at the tabloid media, in print or on air, and what is seen is not good.


Terence McDanger said...

Agree with all of that. Good post.

Bimmy the Bookish said...

We rant alot in our house about the current trend for journalists to take the moral high ground, and seem to think they are the ones running the country. The think it is they who dictate who should resign, who should apologise, whether we should be having a referendum, or election and much more besides.
They have forgotten that their job surely is to report the news that happens,rather than offer an opinion on what has happened, or to decide what should happen next!
Good post - nothing like a good rant to provoke a bit of thought and comment :)