Thursday 22 September 2022

Moronic Media

We need more about this woman.  Today's media is stuffed full of garbage regarding actors, TV celebs, and other nobody's and their love lives, 'floods of tears,' and similar non stories.  Once again people wrongly diagnosed by overworked doctors (they never mention those who were successfully treated) tell us their woes among the routine murder, rape and 'Kiss & tell,' stories that I loathe.  
Even the football pages struggle as the international games are upon us once again.  This means the routine lies and half truths offered week by week will not do.  Hacks spend must time filling space with  nothing at all and expect to be paid for it.  
The reluctance to grumble about this lying government, today announcing more benefits for the rich and taking money from the poor, is still ongoing.  Serious journalism is hard to find, especially when Twitter remains blocked, and the variety of news feeds I come across are either too far left or too far right.  Journalism cannot be one sided, it requires an open mind, but that does not sell the press. 
A quick look at the TV guide and all hope has gone.  Bread and Circus's without jam.  I am so glad there is some football on tonight.


the fly in the web said...

The press is depressing. Here the press is agin the new president - his policies will hurt the pockets of their owners, so you have to look to other sources to get an alternative view.

Love the aeroplane gadget...I have candidates.

Adullamite said...

Fly, They are building up an attack on Meghan and Harry today. Clickbait aplenty.