Monday, 26 July 2021

Technology Bah!


Another day of technology success.
While Google and I are struggling to fix 'robots' and 'validate' and 'crawl' the blog I have at least fixed (I think) the other little local difficulty.
My war memorial was not being found and I thought I had found a fix tonight, and indeed it has worked!  Learning Portugese swear words while working in the hospital years ago has paid off.  The trouble with such things is a failure to comprehend the language, American, in use, and those many little things not noticed or ignored which bring everything to a shuddering halt.  However, I think that is a job well completed.
The failure to search the blog properly is a worry.  Fix the 'robots' it said though I have no idea what they are, but when I tried nothing happened, why?  
Because their machine does not fix their blog!  I await the result of the present fix attempt.  Bah!
And, now I have altered the 'sounds' on my phone the annoying rasping call has been replaced with a gentle plop.  Very much healthier.


the fly in the web said...

Today I wanted - well, not wanted, but thought it would mean not having to type on my mobile 'phone - to download Whatsapp onto my laptop.
Fool, thrice doomed fool!
Downloaded it....after discovering that where other downloads show a moving arrow this one shows a circle gradually being filled....and up came an instruction window.
I was to go ro Whatsapp on my 'phone, find menu or settings and point the phone at my laptop....
Great.Turned up Whatsapp on the phone...but no sign of menu. Lots of confusing alternatives offered as to 'security', but no menu.
I shall now have to wait for Martha's halfwit son to arrive in the morning and get him to sort it - which no doubt he will do in seconds.
And while tearing out my hair with that, the loo sprang a leak and the flood needed to be cleared that I am half witted enough to do myself!
I need a Scots pie...

Adullamite said...

Fly, Whatsapp is good. I however, was somewhat surprised to see the only one I could find called 'facebook whatsapp.' However, it is on, it works, but there is much on it I do not understand. That nice facebook man does however claim to be watching it for me...