Monday, 11 February 2019

Monday Blues

I spent some time this morning standing at the window waving my coffee cup at those trudging up the road towards their employment.
Some of them waved back but not I fear in the correct manner.
I commented to one or two regarding how blue the sky was and how lovely to see the sun reflecting off the green stalks of the coming Daffodils, how unfortunate they would be to remain indoors on such a day, these too gave somewhat unloving responses and pulled their coats tighter around them.  Quite why women with short skirts tighten their coats while allowing their legs to freeze beats me but fashion does not make allowances for weather I suppose.
I joined them, some time later, and waltzed around Sainsburys coughing my way to the 'Strepsils' counter.  Then carrying my bag, heavy with Brexit stockpile, I made my way home in the sun past the unsmiling shoppers.  All those retired men pushing trolleys for their wives, bored, lost and deciding day time TV is not as bad as they once thought were filling the alleyways blocking folks like me carrying a wee basket, always quicker, and knowing for the most part where everything was.  This of course did not stop me from getting home where I remembered the things I had forgotten - again!

I enjoy much of what I hear on Radio 3, especially late at night but there are times the pretentious nature of 'art' discussions gets up ones nose.  Is there any subject in which nonsense is aired in such a grandiose manner?  Books, theatre, films, pictures, anything which pretends to be 'art' is discussed as if it were of some importance, I am here to tell you, and anyone who listens, that it is not!  
'Art' in all its forms has a place, pompous nonsense re art has not.  Those who consider a piece of string with a black ball on the end hanging as 'art' are not seeing a 'new way of viewing' they are just talking baloney.  This is worse if someone actually pays for it.  'Art' costs money, big money, so I suggest any artist, or rather any art lover out there who wishes to purchase my two photogra art works can do so if they have lots of ready cash.  One is called 'Freedom' and the other is a 'Reflection on Divided Society.'  No checks, used notes only please.

p.s, My photos are just dust particles hovering about in the sunlight but don't tell anyone.


the fly in the web said...

I think you need to contact Saatchi....he makes a market in art, or rather 'art'. But ptepare to be strangled in restaurants.

Mike Smith said...

Those 70s rockers 10cc got it right - art for arts sake, money for God's sake...

Adullamite said...

Fly, A friend looked round his gallery some years ago and declared it 'rubbish.' He was very into such 'art' also.

Mike, Ah money, that's the reason! No poor artists today.