Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Holiday Fun they Say

The half term holiday is here!
So early this morning I opened the door f the museum and soon, much too soon, had the kids and mums and the occasional dad, appearing for the activities.  As they trooped in it did at one point appear that Genghis Khans hordes were at the door but it was merely mums and kids.   
Until Friday this will be repeated and I believe the kids will have much fun each day.  Certainly they enjoyed themselves today as the lass who runs it does very well.  Mums often tell us how good she is with them and the kids.  Naturally she worries she is not getting it right but once again we had to turn folks away as the sessions are full each day!
In between the kids coming and cheerfully going we had several visitors who we had good conversations with.  Good to hear their tales, sometimes of family woe, sometimes of good events and experiences, all of them interesting to us.  
Sadly this meant my tea was tepid by the time I got around to drinking it again.  We have so many cups of lukewarm tea that when I get home to a hot cup I am beginning to find it unusual!  

Nothing else has happened.
I have been strangely tired for a few days for no reason.  
Mental exhaustion I say.
The girls at work thought differently...
Tomorrow I will work hard reading books, that will help.


Lee said...

This steamy heat we're experiencing here at present is making me feel tired constantly. It's draining. I'll be glad when summer is at an end.

However, in the meantime, I intend not being overly active; and I've succeeded in my endeavour, so far. I'm busily bingeing on the Winter Olympics, having finished bingeing on "Outlander". I'm now impatiently waiting for the next season to be released. In the meantime, I have the books to binge on...so they should keep me out of trouble....and, hopefully, cool!

the fly in the web said...

Mother would like the van. Although she has decided to 'go with the Co' that slogan would tempt her.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Steamy heat? Get out of the shower.

Fly, At least she gets a dividend.

Lee said...

I'm seriously considering spending my time sitting under a cold shower until this oppressive heatwave leaves us, Adullamite.