Sunday, 25 February 2018


Church this morning was filled with brooding women.
One couple brought their firstborn into church, a couple of weeks old, tiny in comparison to everyone else, and was handed around from one woman to another.  This was not just a happy occasion it was a very happy occasion as just over a  year ago the mother lost her child shortly before it was born. There was much joy in seeing the face of mum and dad as they at last got to hold their own child.  
Of course the brooding women of all ages do not have to spend the next couple of months waking every two hours feeding the brute.  They will mollycoddle the child on Sundays and be unavailable at three in the morning when feeding time arrives.
I'm with them I must say!

While this maternity gossip was going on a three month old child in the foyer was being passed around in similar fashion.  This one the child of the vicar and already being made comfortable with a wide variety of people.  No difficulty in getting this one used to people he already met around a dozen this morning.  

Watching the small child again gave thoughts of the wonder of childbirth and the way they are made. Children are made in the mother, they are not the mothers body, a fact which has to be repeated constantly to those who are willing to murder their child in abortion.  The sight of sch a small helpless child shows just how dependent we are at that stage on the mother, and she on the father as two are required to create a child, not just the mum.  God's plan via this method was to show us our dependence on one another as well as on him. How people can dump a child proclaiming it 'just a bunch of cells' is hard to comprehend when a child is so small and so complete.  The human holocaust, some nine million in the UK alone since 1967 is a disgrace and judgement awaits because of this.

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