Thursday, 12 October 2017

Hypocrisy/Same Old

There has been a lot of fuss about one Harvey Weinstein  in recent days.  The tabloids are having a great time destroying someone who apparently was awfully important in Hollywood.  Personally I have never heard of him until now and this has not made any difference to my life nor I suspect to his.
This is the usual tale of abused suffering females and nasty horrid man in a corrupt organisation that has gone on for years and no-one bothered to do anything about it.  Isn't life hard for women?  
This man sexually satisfied himself with many up and coming actresses who understood their career would be harmed if they did not meet his requests.  Now one after another attention seeking women appear telling us of their woes filling the media with lurid tales some of which are no doubt true.  Poor girls the things they went through just to be a star!
Several things strike me here.
First any woman who thought much of herself would not have submitted to his desires putting their reputation and indeed life before any desire to become a film star.  How many of them were more than willing to play with anyone who could get them where they wished to be, yet now cry out years later?  
Second why did they not report it at the time?   There is a police force nearby, with female police officers sympathetic to the cause, why not seek them?  They did not report things because a career was more important so they kept quiet.  How many in the media have done the same?  How many knew of Jimmy Saville and kept quiet in spite of the suffering adolescent girls endured from him because had they spoken out their TV/radio/film career was over, so they let others suffer?  
The third thing to note is the acting required usually meant lts of undressing on screen and bonking anything that appeared 'in character' thus happy to endure on screen what they would not on the casting couch?  Hypocrite somewhat?  Most films are sex films these days, women's porn and not much else, so where is the problem doing same in real life?
The chattering classes have appeared full of judgement and condemnation and yet not one has queried the willingness of these women to use a man just to 'get on in movies.'  None condemn the women who seduce men to climb the greasy pole in business or media or any other walk of life and we have all met them.  No condemnation for men abused or pushed aside by women on the make.  Just loud voices once again in which women are good and men bad and isn't it awful yet none who accept that women use their bodies to get men on their side as much any man uses women. 
Such a hypocritical world, encouraged by the media, a media run by men who enjoy destroying other men by selling stories to women who think they then have some power but in truth are just being used.
Whether these tales are true or not, and I suspect most are, we all know this has gone on for ever and will do so still.  Men use women, women use men, pretty young girls who think moving into the movie world will be straightforward are rare.  Too many books, films, stories have shown this to be nonsense so why are these lassies upset?  Indeed why are so many others keeping quiet?  Because they have been paid to keep quiet or their career is more important still.
Ah money!  I note his wife has left him.  Poor dear, she maybe didn't know anything about his behaviour all this time and now she leaves and with little in her hand bar around $20 million dollars.  I don't know how she will get over the emotional shock.  The others in the bread line might get over it with a few million however...

On a more important note I see Gordon Strachan has parted company with the Scotland managers job 'by mutual consent.'  That means they agreed how much to pay him off.  
It was inevitable that after five or so years in the job he ought to go.  Gordon had his moments and in the end he almost got us into the World Cup once again but narrowly failed.  That is the story of his management.  He succeeded at Celtic with money behind him, managed Coventry for five years successfully getting them relegated and himself sacked, took Southampton to a losing English cup final, went to Celtic then failed at Middlesbrough and walked away without claiming a pay off.  
He took over Scotland after Craig Leveins famous 6-4 formation failed and sometimes produced good results and occasionally very bad ones.  He was not the worst manager Scotland has ever had and leaves at the right time with some decent young players appearing which the new manager ought to develop.
Ah the new manager.  The whole of Scotland wonders who this will be while the Scottish Football Association suits wonder which Old Firm name they can get to fill the job.  Once again they will fail to show intellectual depth and will concentrate of one of the Glasgow mafia as always.  Just who it will be matters not as long as it is one of their boys.  The bright new future we all hope for is still a pipe dream, it will be same old, same old.


the fly in the web said...

I have to say that I am far from impressed by the testimonies of the exploited women...they could not have been unaware of the nature of the industry into which they were venturing. Given the nature of the film industry which so often presents woman as tarts they could not have been surprised to have been treated as such by influencial producers.Down to them to have refused to pay the game.

Adullamite said...

Fly, Attention seeking is the name of the game. Any publicity is good.