Friday, 4 August 2017

Memory Loss

I wandered around the gardens this afternoon attempting to lose the stiffness caused by my intense exercise session this morning.  At least ten minutes is intense enough for me!  Having got there my memory failed me as I forgot the kids were out and about with mum making use of the gardens to fill in the time.  

With most of the flowers now fading away and a few new ones appearing it showed the garden staff were thinking about what was being planted and making a good effort to provide variety and colour all the time.  
As I wandered and took a picture here, a picture there, knowing when I got home I could either attempt to improve them or delete them as required I also considered appropriate words to go with them.  On realisation that the sun was beginning to hide itself once again I took a wander round the town, stopped off at Tesco and trudged my way home. 

It was while watching the first half of the Sunderland v Derby game that I realised that all the fine words I came up with earlier had been forgotten.  I had also forgotten to attempt to post them as stuffing my fat face took priority.  Now, with the score standing at 1-1, I am straining to finish this before the game restarts, and have failed.  Had I written this earlier it would have made some sense, or so I say anyway.


Lee said...

And that's when you learn you can not only walk on water...but run on water!!

Love the photos you took, Mr. Ad-Man. I hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend. :)

Adullamite said...

Lee, I would certainly run there!