Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Email Day

Being so tired after the long weekend effort I sat and read all the unanswered emails today.  
That was about my limit.
The emails have been lying there since Xmas some of them, I keep putting them off until an appropriate moment.  Most emails get answered reasonably quickly, spam gets dumped right away and there are always those that require thinking or a rational answer, those get left.
I make use of four email systems, though two now are one and the same thanks to Microsofts intention of killing of ''  One I keep for museum work and another is old and ought to be dead but keeps working!  Then there is Googlemail the most useful as it gets your replies posted here, except for two of you with whom it refuses to work.  How strange but there we are, computer geeks are strange folks and their work reflects them.

So the morning was spent in waking up, scribbling replies to people afar off, deleting old mail, moving on to the next wondering what to say and scribbling nonsense, on and on.  So nice to get through all those and await the wonderful answers that will be received over the next month or two.  One concerned a sailor who died from appendicitis in 1917, then a very dangerous occurrence, and I discovered very intriguing information regarding him.  The sender was in Larbert and our man was stationed at Grangemouth which I did not know had the Royal Navy based there in the Great War, I thought it was just Rosyth.  The English government closed Rosyth in a vain attempt to get votes in Plymouth I suspect they closed Grangemouth earlier for similar reasons.  
Three were from the museum requesting my attendance to do things, most of which I avoided, and one at least I will attend, it's a get together for a laugh, I'll go there.

Too tired and weary and the day too grubby to make me leave my abode so old fotos will do to fill space.  I'm not fussy...


Lee said...

I can see my reflection in my monitor...and yes, I am indeed strange - but, upon reflection, I already knew that!

You do discover a lot of interesting history, and I thank you for passing a lot of it onto us, your fellow bloggers. :)

the fly in the web said...

As one of the two accept my thanks for being kind enough to trawl through the depths of the internet to find my comments....

Adullamite said...

Lee, Mirror mirror on the my cry

Fly, Anything for you!

the fly in the web said...