Sunday, 1 June 2014


Zonk City today.  Up early and soon back in bed.  Being unfit and old is no fun. Later this week, once I am over my running around, I will restart again the exercise programme that failed after a few days last time.  Maybe..... 
Anyway I heard a clip-clop outside the window today, and you don't get too many of those around here, and discovered a Gypsy Caravan being pulled by a tough wee pony.  Most unusual this, although the area has always had many Gypsies (or 'Travellers') as they are called these days.  Twp camps lie a mile or so outside the town.  However this beaut was not the common means of travel. 

The reason became clear much later when I dragged my emaciated body out into the sunshine.  There is a Catholic Church round the corner and most Gypsies here tend to be Irish Catholic.  They have some sort of confirmation ceremony for the girls where they dress up as brides.  This caravan was obviously used to make a day for the young lass posing on the drivers seat in the photo.  It was not easy to get a better shot of the caravan with the kids milling around and the sun directly behind (Hot sun even today!) so I have made the best of it I could.  I could not decide if the pony was bored or happy with his lot. There again he looks well fed and the adults were copying him by heading to the pub, all in their Sunday best as was the pony. 
I dragged myself home and eat a substantial dinner, one suitable for those who have no taste, no finesse, no energy and canny be bothered.  Tomorrow the Essex Record Office to look for I know not what.  Can I not just stay in bed? This volunteering bit is worse than work!   


Lee said...

How pretty the young lass wonder she drew a crowd of interested onlookers.

Great photos, Adullamite.

Are you all better after your bug? I hope so.

Carol in Cairns said...

At least they looked after their horse, giving it water while it was standing there in the hot sun posing for photos.

Sorry to hear you are still unwell, Aman.

Adullamite said...

Lee, I'm dying, send a nurse.

Carol, Nurse me! (Unless you are still suffering yourself. Then stay clear!!!)

Lee said...

I rang up Florence, but she was too busy learning how to emulate a nightingale's song; she hasn't time to tend to your many needs, Mr. Ad-Man. Sorry.