Saturday, 14 June 2014

Have I Got This Right?

So the Assad regime in Syria is bad, they say, even though the state is stable. His friends are Russia and Iran, a Shia state is Assad's best supporter.  We therefore support the rebels, mostly Sunni, who oppose him and are now dominated by Sunni extremists supplied by Sunni led Qatar and Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia.  We therefore are supporting the bin Laden so today who wish to attack and destroy us......
The Sunni led extremist group ISIS now dominates the Sunni areas that once supported Saddam Hussein.  He was a bad one and Bush and Blair dumped him. We now therefore support the Iran, our enemy, backed Shia in Iraq, our friend, against the Sunni, our enemy, in Iraq who are our friends in Syria because we need the Saudi, our friend, oil and we support them attacking Syria to destabilise Iran, our enemy, who support our friends in Iraq. I've not yet mentioned the Kurds....   

Did I understand this right or is all this late night football wearing out what remains of my little mind.....?



Lee said...

We should just let them fight it out between themselves, in the hope they eradicate each other and that will be that! So much for Islam, the "religion of peace". How can that be so? Can anyone explain that to me???

They must have a different understanding/meaning of the word "peace" than I have.

They don't want help from the Western let them be!

The US are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they go in, all the flat-waving, screaming protesters will be jumping up and down; if they don't go in they will be ostracised; and similar will apply to the UK and to the Aussies.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

All of that sounds about right. Don't forget that Saddam was our ally against the Iranians. Alas, when it comes to middle eastern politics, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" seems to be the prevailing policy.

Lee said...

"flag-waving" is what I meant to type in my previous comment.

I may offend some with what I've written above...but that's how I feel. I'm fed-up with it all.

What is so wonderful about Islam that drives these people forth with all this mayhem, slaughter, rape, destruction and everything else that goes along with the above - century after century?

Have I missed the point somewhere along the way?

Why is human life; human freedoms so worthless to this religion? (And I use the word "religion" loosely!)

Why are they so arrogant? Why do they condone their own abhorrent behaviour?

Sorry, Adullamite...I'm sounding off, I know...

Brighton Pensioner said...

It seems to me that whatever we do - even if it's nothing - we'll be wrong. All the same, I really do think we should stand back and keep right out of things. This is not our business.

Adullamite said...

Lee, Sadly leaving them alone is not really an option these days, oil is found there.

Jerry, The word 'pragmatic' comes to mind. Sadly long term thinking is ignored.

Lee, Say what you think dear, it's honest.

BP, Tony Blair wishes us to intervene, I wonder if there is money in it for him? Standing as far back as possible is the best way just now.